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The Drought Continues   Leave a comment

The Drought Continues In The Desert Southwest — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Coyotes passed through the field at the back
of the house last night — coyotes, from midnight
till dawn, hunting, foraging, a mad scavenging,
scaring up pocket gophers, white-breasted mice,
jacktails, voles, the least shrew, catching
a bite at a time.

They were a band, screeching, yodeling,
a multi-tone pack. Such yipping and yapping
and jaw chapping, yelping and painful howling,
they had to be skinny, worn, used up,
a tribe of bedraggled uncles and cousins
on the skids, torn, patched, frenzied
mothers, daughters, furtive pups
and, slinking on the edges, an outcast
cow dog or two.

— from A Passing by Pattiann Rogers



Austin’s Water-Bucket Is Going Dry   6 comments

Oasis- art II framed blogThe Oasis On Lake Travis — 2002 Image by kenne

Today, voters in Texas have an opportunity to help determine how the state will be able to fund future water needs, especially considering recent trends in population and climate. As reported in StateImpact, “The state’s reservoirs are currently just over 60 percent full.” The continued drought throughout the southwest continues to worsen an already dire situation.

Recently we were visiting family and friends in the Houston area and on our return trip to Tucson, spent a couple of days in the Austin area. Having heard how low Lake Travis is, we went to The Oasis On Lake Travis for lunch, a scenic location we had visited several time over the years. 

Oasis-8610 blogLake Travis is currently 33% full. — Images by kenne

The Oasis, because of its high venue over Lake Travis has fared much better than many businesses on the lake. Another well-known restaurant on the lake, Carlos’n Charlie’s, open for nearly twenty years, shut down September 2, 2013. Jeff Beckham wrote in the NY Times article, “With Lakes Drying Up, Businesses are Parched,”

“The closing of Carlos’n Charlie’s was the latest and most visible business impact of the drought. In the past, thousands of patrons would arrive by boat and car to watch the restaurant’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show and listen to live music. But the boat docks have been unusable for more than three years.”

Oasis-8612 blogOne of the Oasis decks well above the current lake level.

“In 2011, a coalition of governments, nonprofits and businesses commissioned a study to calculate a baseline economic and fiscal value to the area surrounding Lake Travis. The Lake Travis Economic Impact Report found that when the lake level dropped below 660 feet, visitor spending dropped by up to $33.8 million, resulting in up to 241 lost jobs and $6.1 million in lost wages a year. Lake Travis has been below 660 feet since April 2011, and the current level is about 620 feet.” (NY Times)

The last time Lake Travis was full was 2007.

Oasis-8613 blogLunch-Time at the Oasis (October 28, 2013)

Currently, public boat ramps are closed on the lake and most residential boat decks are hundreds of feet away from the residence, high and dry.

Oasis-8618 blog“High and Dry” On Lake Travis

Jeff Beckham quoted Pete Clark, co-owner of Carlos’n Charlie’s — “It’s kind of like a sick friend in the hospital right now, but it’s still a friend and it’s still a great place. And it will be again.” 

Let’s hope he’s correct, but like it or not, the odds are not good.


Beautiful Trail On A Very Dry Mountain — Aspen Draw Trail   Leave a comment

Turkey Run To Aspen Draw

Turkey Run To Aspen Draw

Turkey Run To Aspen DrawAspen Draw Trail On Mount Lemmon — Images by kenne

It Is Dry, Dry, Dry   1 comment

Turkey Run to Aspen Draw Trail

Turkey Run to Aspen Draw Trail

While hiking the very dusty Aspen Draw Trail on Mount Lemmon I saw my first columbine flower of the summer. It was one of the few wildflowers currently blooming on the mountain. It is very dry in the Santa Catalinas. Much of the trail has a top layer of gray power dust. The summer rains are needed to help bring on the wildflowers. The few that have appeared are short in height and the blooms aren’t lasting very long.

Last summer this blog probably had too many columbine images because they are so irresistible. I hope I will soon be able to post a beautiful fresh-looking columbine.

Here are two links to posts last June:


Turkey Run to Aspen Draw TrailImages by kenne


Catch’em While You Can   2 comments

Sycamore ReservoirNew Mexico groundsel

Sycamore ReservoirNew Mexico Thistle

Sycamore ReservoirPerry Penstemon

Sycamore ReservoirMariposa Lily — Images by kenne


Something New, Something Old — Having Survived Floods, Drought and Fire   1 comment

Image by kenne

We are alone with thoughts, but those thoughts include others who have become part of our being as we meet new traveling companions each day. Here I’m moved to thought as David shares his knowledge of a sacred land at the river edge of Tanuri Ridge. Now I remember his words, many of them, but I add my own words, telling of what I heard, also showing what I did with what  I heard. For you see, I have learned that my camera is an instrument that has taught me how to see without a camera.


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