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Catalina Raindrops   1 comment

Raindrops-0020 blogCatalina Raindrops — Image by kenne

Islands in the sky
never miss a moment to
kiss a passing cloud.

— kenne

Where Were You . . .   Leave a comment

Sneezeweed-0017 blogImage by kenne


Mexican Fritillary Butterfly   4 comments

Box Springs TrailMexican Fritillary Butterfly on Mahogany Milkweed — Image by kenne

The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.

— Robert M. Pirsig

Wildflower Art   Leave a comment

Golden Columbine — Grunge Art by kenne

Gold on the mountain
With two weeks of monsoon rains
In sea of deep green.

— kenne

Butterfly Circles and Squares   Leave a comment

Orange Sulphur Butterfly-1679 art BlogButterfly Circles and Squares (Mexican Yellow) — Image by kenne

Yellow butterfly
Matching the morning flowers
Early at sunrise.

— kenne

Blending In   1 comment

Mt. Lemmon Trail 06-24-13Blending In (Desert Horned Lizard) — Image by kenne


Push Ridge Wilderness — Black & White Photograph   2 comments

Shadows in the Woods-8545-2 blogBlack & White Image by kenne

Summer monsoon sky
Cast shadows over Push Ridge
Mountain wilderness.

— kenne

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