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Legion Of Saguaros   2 comments

Saguaro Legion In Sun-72Legion of Saguaros (Sabino Canyon Recreational Area) — Image by kenne


Sonoran Desert Sunrise   1 comment

Romero PoolsSonoran Desert Sunrise — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Sonoran desert

The spirit is enlightened

A silent knowledge.

— kenne

Golden Cottonwood   1 comment

Cottonwood-72Golden Cottonwood Near Sabino Creek In Sabino Canyon (January 7, 2020) — Image by kenne

This photo was taken while on a bird and plant walk in Sabino Canyon, the morning of the 7th.
The early morning sunlight created a golden glow in the canyon.

— kenne


See You On The Trail   Leave a comment

Saguaro Nat. Park-72-2“See You On The Trail” (Saguaro National Park, 01/03/20) — Image by kenne

See you on the trail

Dancing creosols stir the air

Lost in the beauty.

— kenne

Phainopepla In The Morning Sun   Leave a comment

Female Phainopepla-3-72Female Phainopepla In The Morning Sun (January 7, 2020 — Sabino Canyon)
— Photo-Artistry by kenne

Here comes the sun
birders listen and watch
as birds chilled by
desert winter night
seek high perches
in the sunlight.

When I take up
my palette (Nikon)
I call on the light
bringing color and
life to the canyon
sometimes blinding.

Solitude with style
with endless silence
where flite interrupts
the viewer’s sight
their gestures
demonstrate the loss.

— kenne


Sabino Dam, January 2020   Leave a comment

Sabino Damin the Winter-72.jpgSabino Dam, January 2020 — Image by kenne

A crown of gold
over water flowing
from recent snow
melting on Mt. Lemmon.

Down by the creek banks
water a fading red residue
from the leaves of fall now
under the mountain snow.

Now and then
pieces of the crown
slowly begin to fall
leaving a nakedness.

Alone a trail above the dam
visitors walk near the water
drawn by nature’s presence
exchanging moment mysteries.

— kenne


Snow On The Mountain Hoodoos   Leave a comment

December Snow_20111215_0840 Boulders-72Snow On The Mountain Hoodoos (Santa Catalina Mountains) — Image by kenne

Distant and lonely.

Wearing snows caps
given to them, a gift

from father winter
an infinity of whiteheads.

The sun softens the snow
water runs down cracks.

The magnificent junipers
white branches dripping.

Distant and lonely.

— kenne



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