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Sunset Shadow   3 comments

Sunset Shadow-blogSunset Shadow — Image by kenne

“And the days that I keep my gratitude
Higher than my expectations
Well, I have really good days”

— from the song “Mother Blues” by Ray Wylie Hubbard

Play That Downhome Music   Leave a comment

New Orleans 12-Street Scene-Art-blog

New Orleans 12-Street Scene-Art-Old Film-blog“Play That Downhome Music” (New Orleans Street Musicians) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Chance of Rain

When it rains here, we soak
up to our ankles and down
from our hoods. You wouldn’t
believe all the water teeming
in the cracks of our streets and
sliding down the sidewalks
in thin, fleeting sheets. We
could almost be swept away.

—David K. Wheeler, from Contingency Plans


Sadness Of The Moon   1 comment

Moonset-art-1-blogSetting October Moon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Sadness of the Moon

Tonight, the moon is full of laziness —
Like a beauty reclining on many cushions
Before going to sleep, with light and distracted touch,
Caressing the contours of her breasts.

Upon the satin backs of soft avalanches
She abandons herself to the touch of her own hands,
And faintly looks down upon pale white visions
That climb into space like tropical vines.

From time to time, in her lonely delirium,
She lets a quick tear shoot across the sky.
And a pious poet, awake all through the night,

Takes this pale tear like a fragment of opal
Into the palm of his hand, and places it within his heart,
Far from the eyes of the sun.

— Charles Baudelaire

Anna’s Hummingbird   4 comments

Anna's Hummingbird-Edit-2-blogAnna’s Hummingbird — Image by kenne

Anna’s Hummingbird
A beautiful little bird
Darts before my eyes.

— kenne

In The Moment   1 comment

Romero Pools“In the Moment” Photo-Artistry by kenne

In the moment
She ponders life
Resting attention
On the slowly
Moving backwaters
Cascading between
Two large boulders
Picking up speed
Before being captured
In a large pool of water.

— kenne

The Guitar   3 comments

Guitar (1 of 1)-2 art blog-2“The Guitar” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Guitar

The weeping
of the guitar begins.
Wineglasses shatter
in the dead of night.
The weeping
of the guitar begins.
It’s useless
to hush it.
It’s impossible
to hush it.
It weeps on monotonously 
the way water weeps,
the way wind weeps
over the snowdrifts.
It’s impossible
to hush it.
It weeps for things
far, far away.
For the sand of the hot South
that begs for white camellias.
Weeps for arrows without targets,
an afternoon without a morning,
and for the first dead bird
upon the branch.
Oh, guitar!
Heart gravely wounded 
by five swords.

— Federico García Lorca

Stealth Butterfly   Leave a comment

SCVN Nature Walk 08-15-12, Marshall GulchArizona Sister Butterfly in Stealth Mode — Image by kenne

“Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
You’re a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away bye bye”

— from “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” by Bernie Taupin / Elton John

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