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Fountaingrass, A Serious Invasive Species In The Sabino Canyon Recreational Area   Leave a comment

7 Falls Oct 2013-8239 blogFountaingrass in Bear Canyon — Image by kenne



killing plants,


— kenne

Boy In Church Window   1 comment

Boy In Window (1 of 1)-2-72Boy In Church Window — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Boy in church window
Occupied in childhood things
Adults pray to God.

— kenne

Canyon Sunrise   Leave a comment

Pima Canyon Oct 2012Canyon Sunrise — Image by kenne

We must rediscover the distinction between hope and expectation.

— Ivan Illich


Persistence — The Mighty Saguaro   1 comment

Saguaro Cactus blogPersistence — Image by kenne

There’s a thousand “Can’t-be-done-ers”
For the one who says “It can!”
But the whole amount of deeds that count
Is done by the latter clan.
For the “Can’t-be-done-ers” grumble,
And hamper, oppose and doubt,
While the daring man who says “It can!”
Proceeds to work it out.

— from A Thousand To One by Berton Braley 

Today is: National Reptile Awareness Day   1 comment

Rethinking Life

Iguana, Reptile, Lizard, Animal, Dragon

I’m crazy about reptiles.  Love snakes and lizards. I absolutely adore Iguanas.  They are very, very sweet.

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When Death Sings A Lullaby   1 comment

Again, poetry saves the day. — kenne


Death  comes upon them
Finite, infinite, definite
Pain and loss huddle into 
A grieving mass of broken hope.

Wondering what they did wrong..
When bombs drown their cries
The blood wipes away their tears
To be alive is to be broken
To be alive is to be wounded
That when they come from the sky
They come from the ground
They hit where it hurts the most
Taking away what you love the most

While the bigwigs sit and talk away at big tables
Drinking from the cup of blood

The universe is frightened
And the stars wonder
Why has man turned from human to beast?

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Caulk   Leave a comment

Double entendre, a good one! — kenne

Tabula Candida

It’s almost impossible to talk about any home improvement job without accidentally sounding dirty. I’m not sure if that’s intentional or not.

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