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Sotol Blossoms   Leave a comment

Common Sotol Blooms (Dasylirion wheeleri) — Images by kenne

Thousands of tiny greenish-white flowers in a long, narrow cluster that grows
from a dense bunch of many slender, spiny leaves.

Patio Olive Tree Blossoms   Leave a comment

Patio Olive Tree Blossoms — Image by kenne

We have a large olive tree

at one corner of the patio.

It is like a good friend to me.

Each spring the tree is covered with

small star like yellow-white flowers.

Pollen dust covers everything on the patio.

The tree is home for ornate tree lizards.

— kenne

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Sunset Photo   2 comments

Bottlebrush Tree Blossom   Leave a comment

Bottlebrush Tree Blossom — Image by kenne

What is not to like

Red with a background of blue

With a dash of green.

— kenne

Western Honey Bee On Chicory   Leave a comment

Western Honey Bee On Chicory Wildflower — Image by kenne

Western honey bee

On chicory wildflower

Spring is everywhere.

— kenne

Bee On Monument Plant Blossom   2 comments

Bee On Monument Plant Blossom — Image by kenne

If ever there were a spring day so perfect,
so uplifted by a warm intermittent breeze
that it made you want to throw
open all the windows in the house
and unlatch the door to the canary’s cage,
indeed, rip the little door from its jamb
— from Today by Billy Collins

Ghost Of Yesteryears   2 comments

Ghost Of Yesteryears — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Ghosts of yesteryears

Follow me around each day

Soothing my being.

— kenne

Happy Mother’s day and a poem. He remembers love.   1 comment

Good on, John — he remembers her love.


He remembers love…

Old man sat by the Lake St. Clair. He saw an auburn beauty walking the the biking path. Her eyes of sea-water blue and her soft smile lost in kind memory made him remember her.

She was a beauty. Her eyes filled with mischief and bluer than the free and wild Pacific. He remembered her. He remembered when she turned to him and she asked. “Dear Johnnie, dear poet. You must join the dance, you must create the song of love and hope. Waiting for perfect Goddess or muse will leave you alone and filled with regret.”

He smiled at her and he cherish the view. She took his breathe away and she was tall, she had long tan legs and vibrant heart. He told her. I have become cold dear Anna. You don’t want a man who hold regret over love. You can’t heal the scars…

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On This Mother’s Day . . .   5 comments

. . . Recognizing that she was not always old, so here are two when she was in her late teens. A thanks to Joanna for asking if I had any pictures of Mother when she was young.


My mother had beautiful red hair.


Agnes with her mother, Augusta.

Another Mother’s Day   5 comments

Another Mother’s Day and Again I Post This Poem 


To All Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

A Symbol of Mother’s Day (Gambel’s Quail with Chick) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“A mother’s love liberates.”

— Maya Angelou

Desert Spiny Lizard   Leave a comment

Desert Spiny (Sceloporus magister) Lizard — Image by kenne

These are medium to large lizards with snout-vent lengths ranging from 2¼ to 5¼ inches (63 to 138 mm).
These robust lizards have keeled, pointed scales. Background color is usually subdued gray, tan, or blue
with a striking wide, purple stripe down the back and single yellow scales scattered on the sides (S. magister),
or scattered turquoise scales mixed with tan and brown on the back and sides (S. clarkii). Both species have a
dark collar under or around the neck; males have vivid blue throats and under-bellies. Females develop
orange to red heads during the breeding season.
— Source: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Verdin Foraging   2 comments

Verdin Foraging — Image by kenne

Zion National Park   2 comments

This July, we plan on sharing one of our favorite National Parks with James, Jill, and Hugh. Could you follow this space? — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Zion National Park (June 10, 2014) — Image by kenne

A park not to love
Dramatic rock formations
Ancient rocks of art.

Ansel Adams views
At the push of a button
We are the keepers.

— kenne

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I Need My Pelican Head!   1 comment

Pelican Head — Image by kenne

“I need my pelican head!”

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