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Mourning Doves Wait   2 comments

Mourning Doves Wait — Image by kenne

The doves wait

in a tree near 

the bird feeder

until I leave my

chair on the patio.

— kenne


Cardinal At Patio Feeder   1 comment

Male Cardinal At Patio Feeder This Morning — Image by kenne

A male cardinal
Bright red in the morning sun
A year-round neighbor.

Not seen, but nearby
the muted colored female
Proceeds with caution.

— kenne

Easter Morning On The Patio   Leave a comment

Curve-billed Thruster at Patio Feeder On Easter Morning — HDR image by kenne

Back from my morning walk
Time for coffee on the patio
And watching birds at the feeder.

— kenne


Hummingbird At Patio Feeder   Leave a comment

Hummingbird At Patio Feeder — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Anna’s Hummingbird   Leave a comment

Anna’s Hummingbird Approaching Feeder On Patio — Image by kenne

Anna’s hummingbird

The more I observe hummers

The more I’m amazed.

— kenne

Three Stages Of Hummingbird Feeding   2 comments

Hummingbird Feeder Art by kenne

I’ve been watching the pattern hummingbirds seen to follow coming to the feeder on our patio, especially
when I’m on the patio. I divided it into three stages, and I created a short video of those stages.

Birds At The Patio Feeder   5 comments

Click on any of the tiled images for larger view in a slide show format.

Birds At The Patio Feeder — Images by kenne

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