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Gila Woodpecker — Image by kenne

Gila woodpecker

Pecking holes in saguaros.

Headache, what headache?

— kenne

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Birds In The Treetop — Gila Woodpecker, American Kestrel and Five American Goldfinches (October 6, 2021) — Image by kenne

We walked with an early morning Audubon lead bird walk group through the Sweetwater Wetlands a few days ago. (1/800 s at f/10, ISO 400)
The tree was about 100 years away, photographed using my 28/300 mm lens.

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Gila Woodpecker On Saguaro Cactus In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Gila woodpecker
Contrast with saguaro green
Sabino blue skies.

— kenne

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Gila Woodpecker — Images by kenne

Gila woodpeckers can be very annoying on our patio.
The chase off smaller birds at the feeders and they can be very noisy. 

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Gila Woodpecker blog II

Gila Woodpecker High Pass blogGila Woodpecker — Images by kenne

Interesting Fact:

There are several ways woodpeckers have adapted to all the head-banging,
including having a long tongue that wraps around their brain. — kenne


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Gila Woodpecker (1 of 1)-2 blog

Gila Woodpecker (1 of 1) blogGila Woodpecker On A Saguaro Cactus — Images by kenne

“You’re better equipped for this world than I am,” she said.

“I’m always trying to change the world.

You know how to live in it.”

― Tom Robbins, from Still Life with Woodpecker

Capturing The Moment — Gila Woodpecker In Desert Heat   2 comments

Desert Museum Gila Woodpecker (1 of 1) gila woodpecker blog

Desert Museum (1 of 1)-4 gila woodpecker blogGila Woodpecker in Desert Heat — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Gila Woodpecker   6 comments

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13

A medium size woodpecker, the Gila Woodpecker often makes his/her home in saguaro cactus — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — The Arizona State Flower Graces The Spring Desert   5 comments

Last Friday I had planned on hiking up to Seven Falls, but while driving to the Sabino Canyon Center, I decided to walk the trails near the center to photography the saguaro cactus in bloom. 

While some saguaros may not yet have buds many do and are blooming daily. Now that most of the desert’s wildflowers have come and gone, these beautiful cactus blossoms are the current desert  flower show.

These creamy-white, 3-inch-wide flowers with yellow centers usually bloom May and June. However, like most of the Sonoran Desert flowers this year, the blooming season has been much earlier.

Clustered near the ends of branches, the blossoms open during cooler desert nights, during which  time the blossoms are visited by nectar-loving bats.

Each flower will bloom only once, closing by the next midday.

Before closing by midday the white-winged dove is a primary pollinator, along with  the gila woodpecker and the gilded flicker.

Birds Along Trail In The Early Morning   3 comments

Western Bluebirds Facing the Morning Sun

Cactus Wren in a Phainopela’s Favorite Place

Gila Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker — Images by kenne

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