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Looking for Sonoran Toads in Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Above the Dam-2971 blogThe monsoon rains bring new life to the Sonoran Desert. This past week has experienced some very good rain fall, especially in the mountains. The start of the monsoon season brings out the Sonoran toads, but they breed in water, and even with the recent rains we have had several months of no rain and Sabino Creek remains dry. The above photo was taken this morning, but based on sighting a few miles up the creek, there maybe water flowing over the dam by night fall.

Sonoran Toads-2964 blogDown from the dam, there are few pools of water that Jeanne, Dan and I explored this morning and found some toads. The mating season will last only a few days, so with more rain expected today and tomorrow, and with water coming down the creek, the toads will probably be very active the next couple of days.

— kenne

Images by kenne


Pineneedle Milkweed Pod   Leave a comment

Pine Leaf Milkweed Pod-33 blogPineneedle Milkweed Pod — Image by kenne

umbel-like blossoms
leaving behind a seed pod
pineleaf milkweed
      seeds fly away from the pod 
            oh where have all the seeds gone

-- kenne

Cactus Wren Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Cactus Wren Grunge Art-0297 blogCactus Wren Grunge Art by kenne
Art tries to create
many possible futures
in each moment 
of existence
choosing reality
from our experience

-- kenne

Sabino Dam in June — NOW WE WAIT   Leave a comment

Sabino Dam Panorama blog-Sabino Dam in June — Panorama by kenne


The creek has run dry
now we wait
now we wait for rain
from monsoon storms
soon to form
desert mountains
now we wait
now we wait daring
these days of dust.

— kenne

Queen Butterfly Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Queen Butterfly-1356 blogQueen Butterfly — Grunge Art by kenne

My queen for a day

Three doors from which to choose art,

Which door will she choose?

– kenne

Lesser Goldfinch   Leave a comment

Lesser Goldfinch-0676 art blogLesser Goldfinch — Computer Art by kenne

Lesser goldfinch
in the canyon
little gold flecks 
lighting up
the mesquite tree.

My words are wings
again I encounter thee
with your breast of gold
in my dreams
lighting up
my lemon tree.

— kenne


Hawkeye   Leave a comment

Cooper's HawkHawkeye (Young Cooper’s Hawk) — Image by kenne 

The eye of the hawk
Dares the world around us
Frightening the soul.

— kenne

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