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Round-tail Ground Squirrel — Image by kenne

Scooting on the ground

Occasionally standing

For a better view.

— kenne

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Round-tailed Ground Squirrel — Images by kenne

Round-tailed ground squirrels are comparatively small animals with grayish-brown coloring that matched the
sandy soils of their environment. Their unique characteristics are, most noticeably, their long, slender, rounded
tail, and secondly, their long, wide, hairy hind feet. Their claws and their small ears positioned low on the head,
enable them to live underground in a lifestyle that is semi-fossorial. They are often mistaken for prairie dogs or
gophers, but prairie dogs are much larger and gophers do not forage above ground.
— Source: Animalia 


Is It Safe To Come Out?   5 comments

Desert Squirrel-72Round-tail Ground Squirrel — Image by kenne

Is COVID-19 still around?

Our Little Patio Friend   3 comments

round-tailed ground squirrelRound-tailed Ground Squirrel (She/he actually lives on the other side of the wall.)– Image by kenne

Hawk in the olive tree
Squirrel on the ground
Moves quickly to avoid
Becoming the hawk’s
Next dinner on flight.

— kenne

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Roundtail Ground Squirrel-2 blog

Aspen Draw August 2013Round Tailed Ground Squirrel Images by kenne

These little creatures that look like small prairie dogs are very common to the Sonoran Desert. Their diet is primarily vegetation—cactus, mesquite pods, seeds, and insects. Coyotes are a common predator as well as snakes and hawks. During the winter months, these squirrels stay underground remaining in a torpor state til early February.

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round-tailed ground squirrel-1131 art blogRound-Tailed Ground Squirrel — Grunge Art by kenne

I never wanted to be a scientist per se. I wanted to be a naturalist.

— Jane Goodall

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ground squirrel (1 of 1) blogRound-tailed ground squirrel (Sabino Canyon, March 3, 2015)– Image by kenne

ground squirrel (1 of 1) blog artComputer painting by kenne

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Aspen Draw August 2013

The round-tailed ground squirrel is very sociable desert animals, living in small colonies. They breed shortly after coming out of hibernation early spring . These squirrels often stand on their hind legs trying to get a better view as they watch for  predators. Because they’re very dependent on succulent vegetation for moisture, these squirrels estivate for a few weeks during the summer drought, until the summer rainy season again brings new growth.

Aspen Draw August 2013Round-tailed ground squirrel — Images by kenne

A Patio Friend — Well, Maybe   6 comments

Our patio is enclosed by a wall with several opening along the ground-line for drainage. To keep the critters out, the openings are covered with a wire mesh. round-tailed ground squirrelBecause the patio is enclosed, it’s great for our cat, Kika, especially since she is not a “jumper.” She loves being outside with us, but each time on the patio, she walks the parameter obviously picking up a scent. Sometimes she spends time staring at one of the drainage holes. We knew we were sharing our patio with some kind of critter. Occasionally, I would see something moving quickly out of the side of my eye. Since pack rats are common in the desert, I figured we were being visited by a pack rat.

round-tailed ground squirrelThen one day I saw the rear of something going into the corner hole and disappearing. Since the wire mesh blocked exit from the hole, I figured it went up inside the concrete block wall. So, I placed bricks in front of the hole and removed the wire mesh so the critter could exit the patio only. The next day I noticed that something had dug under the bricks. I also noticed similar diggings around the sago palm planter.

round-tailed ground squirrelI continued to think the critter living on the patio was a pack rat, that is until yesterday when we saw something moving under the patio table. Taking a closer look, I could see the animal was a round-tail ground squirrel.

round-tailed ground squirrelWhile getting my camera, the squirrel scampered over to one of the wall holes. When I got too close, the squirrel would go up into the wall, so I backed off and waited.

round-tailed ground squirrelAfter awhile the squirrel reappear from inside the block wall, surveying the area. I could tell she was trying to get to was a more comfortable place.

round-tailed ground squirrelShe moved under one of the patio planters, looked around and began running to the corner wall hole.

round-tailed ground squirrelWhere was Kika? In the house sleeping. — Images by kenne

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