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“Yardwork” Art   Leave a comment

Yard Work - Pin Wheel c77a1 blog“Yardwork” —  Art by kenne


jade plant
in a clay pot

a child’s old

a horseshoe
and barbwire

windmill art

filed as


— kenne

Dark Matrix of Matter   Leave a comment

EPSON MFP imageGlass Cactus Blossom – Computer Art by kenne

Last night I tossed in my sleep

something in a dream

was unreal, artificial, 

everything made of glass —

no hammers allowed

swinging in the dark

matrix of matter

not directly observed

just it’s gravitational effects.

— kenne

Hopperesque Art   Leave a comment


Joy and Kenne in Bisbee, Arizona — Computer art by kenne

On a porch one afternoon
at the Copper Queen Hotel
after a discussion with the
ghosts from the days when
copper was king in Bisbee.

I took a selfie of Joy and me,
not the best photo, but good
enough to use Photoshop
filters and brushes to give it
a classic Hopperesque feel.

Of course, you may not think so.
He was a realist known to fix a
particular moment full of human 
qualities and frailties, often with
a degree of self-absorption.

— kenne

Mixed Media Collage   Leave a comment

Cooper's Hawk Art DSC_0847 blog.jpgMixed Media Collage — Computer Art by kenne


Cold Mountain is a house
without beams or walls.
The six doors lift and right are open
The hall is blue sky.
The rooms all vacant and vague
The east wall beats on the west wall
At the center nothing.

Borrowers don’t bother me
In the cold I build a little fire
When I’m hungry I boil up some greens.
I’ve got no use for the kulak
With his big barn and pasture —
He just sets up a prison for himself.
Once in he can’t get out.
Think it over —
You know it might happen to you. 

— Gary Snyder

Spring Scatches   Leave a comment

Sedona & Talking Stick ResortSpring Scatches — Image by kenne

high clouds


leafless sycamores


drawn against



black and white

on a gray sky


a spiritual moment

calls on spring’s 

new energy


in the creek


through the


born again

in soon to be


of spring



again and


— kenne



SkylineDriveArt-Recovered blogSkyline Drive In Shenandoah National Park — Computer Art by kenne


Skyline is its name
Substitute is its game
Created for one desire
Substituted by another.

Today’s desire
Substituted by another.

Sharing good times
Squeezing small limes
Twisted for one taste
Substituted by another.

Today’s s taste
Substituted by another.

No one to contact
Love becoming an act
Time with a friend
Substituted by another.

Today’s friend
Substituted by another

Morning walk in the woods
Considering all that could
Each moment of thought
Substituted by another.

Today’s thought
Substituted by another.

Climbing up the hill
Stimulating the will
Creating the next option
Substituted by another.

Today’s option
Substituted by another.

Reality is its name
Substitute is its game
Created for one belief
Substituted by another.

Today’s belief
Substituted by another.

— kenne

A Poem About Spring   1 comment

Desert MuseumSpring, 2018 — art by kenne

Maybe you need to write a poem about spring.

When everything blossoming is blossoming
and everything dead is dead
and everything wants to be fucked is fucked
it’s nature maintaining the way life was
and will continue to be as a bird calls
from the tree with new green leaves.

— kenne

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