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Sun Bathing Saguaro   Leave a comment

Saguaro Sun blogSun Bathing Saguaro — Image by kenne

“The sky peeled back for a moment,
and a weak ray of sunset spilled over the scene
like the diseased eye of some forgetful god —
the light bearing with it cold in place of heat.” 

― Luis Alberto Urrea, Into the Beautiful North

Leading Nature Walk In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

SCVN Nature Walk 01-03-12 blogLeading Nature Walk In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne


Time To Fly Away   Leave a comment

Cattail-0672 blogCattail — Image by kenne

Time to fly away
Across the clouds, shadows drift
Wind and sun powered.

— kenne

Gambel’s Quail   2 comments

Gambel's Quail-0678-3 blogGambel’s Quail Eating Cactus Fruit — Image by kenne

Fleet at foot
Always on the move
Prince of speed.

— kenne

Mockingbird In The Canyon   Leave a comment

Northern Mockingbird-0631 blogNorthern Mockingbird In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Early morning walk
Birds announcing a new day
I celebrate life.


Female Phainopepla Returns To The Canyon   Leave a comment

Female Phainopepla-0628 blog IIFemale Phainopepla in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

After spending the summer at the higher elevations of the Santa Catalina Mountains, phainopeplas have returned to the lower Sabino Canyon.

— kenne

End Of The Trail   Leave a comment

End of the Trail-1 blogBlackett’s Ridge Between Sabino Canyon and Bear Canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains
Image by kenne

My days as a hiking guide
May soon have long since passed
But, for this hiker, the trail never ends.

The call of the trail has not silenced
In the course of the coyote’s song
Echoing down through the canyon.

The pace may have slowed,
Canyon walls gotten steeper
Only to be balanced by desire.

But out there in the canyons
The ghosts of young trail runners
Brings back images for the past.

Casting strides to the wind
Hiking trails that have no end
Chasing trail-dust on the wind.

— kenne

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