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Water In The Canyon II   Leave a comment

Sabino Creek-1265 blogWater In The Canyon II — Image by kenne

Spring temps near eighty
Icy cold water flows —
Swarms of new insects.

— kenne

Water In The Canyon   Leave a comment

MMM 02-04-13Water in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Melting mountain snow
Brings new life to the canyon
Looking down for miles.

— kenne

Wild Cotton Seed Pods Art   Leave a comment

MMM 02-04-13Wild Cotton Seed Pods Art by kenne

Wild cotton seed pods
Not much fiber in these guys
Enough for the name.

— kenne

Black-throated Sparrow — Little Guy On The Ground   Leave a comment

Black-throated Sparrow-1162 blogBlack-throated Sparrow — Image by kenne


I Stare At Shadows   2 comments

Romero Pools“I Stare At Shadows” — Image by kenne

I stare at shadows,
looking for answers
in deep caverns
of my soul,
only to see them
blurred by others
as water
in the stream
of life
rushes by.

— kenne

January Wildflower   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13January Wildflower, Little Lemon Head (Coreocarpus arizonicus) — Image by kenne


Desert Mockingbird   Leave a comment

Desert Mockingbird blogDesert Mockingbird in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

We cannot all see life in the same way.

— kenne

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