The Yellow Rose Of Arizona   1 comment

The Yellow Rose of Arizona (Prickly Pear Blossom) — Image by kenne

May brings on a bounty of cactus blossoms, and among them is the yellow prickly pear blossom,
our “yellow rose of Arizona.”

— Kenne

Tanque Verde Wash Trail- Photo Essay   Leave a comment

Tanque Verde Wash Tail — Photo Essay by kenne
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I have been walking the trails along the Tanque Verde Wash for over ten years,
taking many photos of the art and still have no idea who is the artist(s) —
for me, it’s a mystery.

— kenne

Gil Scott-Heron — “A junkie walking through the twilight”   Leave a comment

This post is from May 2011 and, for some strange reason, never has had any views. I love the words, rhythm, and soul of Gil’s music.

“The Constitution, a noble piece of paper would free society,
It struggled but then died in vain
And now Democracy is ragtime on the corner
Hoping for rain
It’s been hoping for some rain.”

Yes, we keep hoping for some rain in a desert of despair!

— kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011) – Source:

 “a genius and a junkie.”
. . . more.

. . . at least he lived 62 years. I love this man of feeling, his words his soulful voice!


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Morning Walk On The Tanque Verde Wash Trail   1 comment

Morning Walk On The Tanque Verde Wash Trail — HDR Image by kenne

“Direction is so much more important than speed.” Or said another way;
“Sometimes being low is the best way to reach your goal,
just think about what you may learn on the way.”

— kenne

Take Me To Your Leader   Leave a comment

Take Me To Your Leader — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“If it’s not too much of a cliché, take me to your leader.

If it is too much of a cliché, take me anyway.”

— Luke Skywalker, 


Snake In The Tanque Verde Wash   1 comment

A Rock Art Snake In The Tanque Verde Wash — Images by kenne

The creative people living near the Tanque Verde wash keep doing their thing, this time in the wash rather than alongside the wash.
To create a rock art snake with rocks this size, the creator(s) would need to carry rocks from fifty or more yards away.
This rock art snake in the wash is located about a mile west of most of the art previously posted on this blog,
just east of the Craycroft Road bridge where the wash runs into the Rillito River.

— kenne

Palo Verde Blossoms   1 comment

Palo Verde Blossoms — Image by kenne

Interesting Facts About the Palo Verde Tree:

— The Arizona state tree

— The name in Spanish means “green stick”

— Can live to be over 100 years old

— Can grow up to 30 feet

— Cause few or no allergy symptoms

— The flowers and seeds are edible

— The primary nursing plant for baby saguaros


Tucson Mountains Panorama   2 comments

Tucson Mountains West of Tucson, Arizona — Panorama by kenne

“Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.”

― Walt Whitman

Queen Butterfly — Honoring Mothers   3 comments

Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne

Some such Butterfly be seen 

Some such Butterfly be seen
On Brazilian Pampas —
Just at noon — no later — Sweet —
Then — the License closes —

Some such Spice — express and pass —
Subject to Your Plucking —
As the Stars — You knew last Night —
Foreigners — This Morning —

— Emily Dickinson

Cowpen Daisy Art — A Solo Gift   2 comments

Cowpen Daisy — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Last Thursday (May 5, 2021), I posted a photo of the lone wildflower (Cowpen Daisy) on a trail along the Tanque
Verde Wash between Sabino Canyon Road and Craycroft Road. Our community, Tanuri Ridge, is located north of the
wash, where I sometimes walk over four miles up and back along the wash. This is an art piece from the photo.

A good friend commented on the May 5th posting; “These solo gifts, especially, should be celebrated!” With this art posting, I celebrate it again.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Shopping With Mom And Grandma — Boring!   Leave a comment

Thinking of moms and grandmas on the day before Mother’s Day. This blog post is from September 4, 2012. This what boys do when boredom sets in when shopping at the mall in the Women’s Department. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

James showing my picture he took. 

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to go shopping — he said insouciantly!

So, while in Houston, I tried to stay on the good side of my traveling companion

since the alternatives were few, plus we could get some great mall fast food — yum, yum!!

As James and I tried to kill time,

he quickly learned I wasn’t going to help him pass the time by being his entertainment.

Being “quick on his feet,” James decided to entertain me.

Knowing that I had my point & shot camera,

he took his mom’s camera and started taking pictures of me,

which quickly turned into a “you take my picture while I’m taking yours” routine — fun!

However, like most fun things, it soon becomes boring.  

What next? Hide ‘n seek, of course! 

What kid doesn’t like playing hide ‘n seek among the…

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Quacker and Company   Leave a comment

Time to get out a pen and start scribbling! — kenne


Last month on April 8, we celebrated the official holiday of “Draw-a-Bird Day“. Maybe you already know the story behind it; if not, I encourage you to click the link and learn about Dorie Cooper and the joy she brought to others.

For our online community, “draw-a-bird” day has become a monthly event, so as you browse around today,  you’ll find lots of birds — very realistic birds, watercolor birds, acrylic birds, bird photos, colorful birds, and probably a few fun birds… like this little chicken or duck or whatever it is.

I really don’t know what it is, so I’m just calling it “Quacker”. What do you think it is?

Actually, this is what Alexandra Gabor calls a character. She was one of the presenters in the recent Sketchbook Revival event, and I followed along with her demonstration on how to create playful critters, or “creatures”…

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Raven At Cienega Creek — Photo Essay   3 comments

Raven At Cienega Creek — Photo Essay by kenne

Marine Blue Butterfly On Algae Scum   4 comments

Marine Blue Butterfly On Blue-Green Algae Scum (Cienega Creek) — Image by kenne

In our recent walk along Cienega Creek, much of the creek’s surface water has begun to dry up, leaving behind pools
of water perfect for the buildup of blue-green scum. We noticed a marine blue butterfly flying over one of the pools,
suddenly landing a leaf floating on top of the scum.

— kenne

Life…#332   Leave a comment

Elizabeth’s poetry is poignant and evocative; difficult to ignore or forget.. — kenne

The Last Chapter


With each mornings shaft of light 

I begin my conflict of words, sometimes 

I let the tears fall and sadness engulfs 

me.  Sometimes I smile!  I tell myself to 

“hush”; it is too late my soul dies further 

toward the end as time goes on.

Sometimes I am weak, my heart locked 

away too long?  Thoughts are concealed, 

feared, live and move forward out of blame.  

The heart beats on as the voices in my head 

feed from the heart with each beat.  My words 

continue quarreling with my mind.

Has life been no more that random destiny’s?  

How lighthearted my life has been, lies, 

lies to keep the outside world in dumbness.  

Daily I drink from the cup of dissension, 

and erratic thoughts, words, look into my soul, 

despite pending doom I float thoughtless in 

the river of my life with my words clinging 

to my throat like…

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