San Antonio, April 2009 Revised   2 comments

San Antonio, April 2009Joy with Grandchild Audry and James In San Antonio, April 2009 — Image by kenne

In the previous posting “Ready To Start Going Places” I used an image of the
San Antonio River Walk which brought to mind a video I produced of our spring vacation in April 2009.

— kenne

Ready To Start Going Places   Leave a comment

San Antonio, April 2009San Antonio River Walk — Image by kenne

As people in retirement, age, and cancer limit the risks we can take, which limits when
we can start traveling again. Before the pandemic, we were planning on visiting family
in Virginia and New Hampshire this month. We also hope to be able to attend Jerri and Justin’s
wedding in early August in Austin — we will see. Yes, we are ready to begin traveling,
but HOVID-19 might have another idea.

— kenne

Golden-Banded Skipper   Leave a comment

Aspen Loop July 2013Golden-Banded Skipper — Image by kenne

There are days when all we need are Flowers and butterflies.

— kenne

Doubtful Pass Signposts   Leave a comment

Doubtful Canyon Weekend Dec 2012Doubtful Pass Signposts –  Image by kenne

The trouble with our age is all signposts and no destination.

Louis Kronenberger

On a Day When 100,000 People Had Died, A Black Man was Murdered in Minneapolis, and War Continued to Rage   1 comment


by Thomas Davis

In Syria babies are starving
even as vultures circle in the sky
looking at extended bellies
that are empty.
As helicopters thunder overhead
bombs explode, and who wins?
The vultures? Those doing the bombing?
The starving child? The starving child’s parents
who revolted for what they thought
was a chance for a better life?
The virus obliterating
the wisdom people once thought
elders had?

Insects are dying out all over the world.
Is this humankind’s wisdom?
Was Kafka right? Are we all insects after all?

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Backpacking The Italian Springs Trail To Manning Camp   1 comment

Yesterday was my good friend Tom’s 80th birthday. The celebration will have to come later because of the pandemic.
In June, after completing this hike in April, Tom was diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. Today, eight years later and a lot of chemotherapy, Tom remains in remission. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

With all my outdoor experiences — hiking, river canoeing/rafting, and camping, none involved backpacking. So, when one of my hiking buddies, Tom Markey,  asked if I would be interested in backpacking from Redington Pass to Manning Camp via the Italian Springs Trail, I jump at the possibility. I learned later that this is a hike Tom had talked about for ten years — guess we finally found someone willing to take it on with him — another crazy guy!

Although the road through Redington Pass is a very passable gravel road, Markey was hoping that our mutual friend, Tom truck would be able to take us down a deeply rutted cattle road in his truck, shortening the fifteen-mile hike to Manning Camp by three miles. As it turned out, the truck was not high enough to chance the old cattle road. So, strapping on our thirty-pound backpacks, we set…

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The Forecast Calls For Scattered Showers   1 comment

Becoming is Superior to Being

Late Winter Strom 2011“The Forecast Calls For Scattered Showers” — Image by kenne


Will it rain today?

The forecast calls for showers —

Maybe, maybe not!

— kenne

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