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Katelyn Birthday Party

Purple Haze (September, 2009) — Computer Art by kenne

About the time
I’m feeling high
I start acting funny —
don’t know why

Today becomes tomorrow
Or is it the end of time
Soon to be floating in
An ocean of deathless life

Feeling gratitude for God’s gift
Awaking the soul
Becoming void as I was
When I was not yet

“Turn from gazing after”
To kiss the sky
Devoid of all
Foreign images

Only to be
Born again
From inside the outside
Looking in

Jimi had a spell
On his brain
Purple in color
Inspired by a haze

Deluded by doubt
“Am I happy or in misery?”
To be answered not in the words
But the color of the haze

— kenne

Sunset 02/19/16   Leave a comment

Tucson Mountain Sunset-0681 blogSunset 02/19/16 — Image by kenne

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

— Joseph Campbell

“So it’s true he thought, it’s really true.”

Rock Climbers At Windy Point — Santa Catalina Mountains   Leave a comment

Rock Climbing-9252 blog framedRock Climbers on the Hitchcock Pinnacle at Windy Point On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

30 Years of Togetherness — Some kind of lovely ride.   9 comments

Kenne & Joy blogKenne & Joy, Las Vegas, 1989.
We were a couple for 16 years before getting married May 18, 2002 in Los Vegas. Thirty years of togetherness, but who’s counting.
“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”

Secret O’ Life

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.
Any fool can do it, there ain’t nothing to it.
Nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill.
But since we’re on our way down, we might as well enjoy the ride.

The secret of love is in opening up your heart.
It’s okay to feel afraid, but don’t let that stand in your way.
Cause anyone knows that love is the only road.
And since we’re only here for a while, might as well show some style. Give us a smile.

Isn’t it a lovely ride? Sliding down, gliding down,
try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride.

Now the thing about time is that time isn’t really real.
It’s just your point of view, how does it feel for you?
Einstein said he could never understand it all.
Planets spinning through space, the smile upon your face, welcome to the human race.

Some kind of lovely ride. I’ll be sliding down, I’ll be gliding down.
Try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride.
Isn’t it a lovely ride? Sliding down, gliding down,
try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride.
The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.

— James Taylor

Female Mallard Duck   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon -9441 Duck Art blog.jpgFemale Mallard Duck — Computer Art by kenne

This mallard and her mate have been seen occasionally visiting the neighborhood pool to the dismay of some neighbors. Recently she was seen with several baby ducks following her.

Tom Would Have Been 74 Today   3 comments

Tom Turner (1 of 1) art blogTom Turner in an Existential Moment — Image by kenne

“If thought corrupts language,
language can also corrupt thought.”

— George Orwell

He gazes through the 
rained soaked window
into his confused mind.

Lonely in the moment
turning his head away
from my open hand.

He was not prepared
to be rejected and
broken up by life.

— kenne


High Chaparral, Revisited   1 comment

Old Tucson High Chaparral-B-W blog framedHigh Chaparral (December 29, 2013) — Image by kenne

I’d saddle up ole Sugarfoot and I’d hit a mountain trail,
And time and place and boredom were no more.
I was Little Joe or Blue, riding the High Chaparral.
There were fights to fight and new worlds to explore.

— from My Heart Beats Free, by Keith Ward


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