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What a joy it must have been to photograph this white squirrel. Thanks for sharing.

Mike Powell

I was so shocked yesterday morning at Prince William Forest Park to spot a bright white squirrel that my brain froze for a moment—it simply could not process the information transmitted by my eyes. We have black squirrels in the Washington DC area, but I never realized that an Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) could be white.

My first thought was that it might be an albino squirrel, but when I zoomed in, I could see that its eyes are dark. I did a little poking about on the internet and learned that there are white morphs of the gray squirrel that have a rare gene that causes them to be white.

In response to a photo I posted on Facebook, Sue, a retired biology professor who authors the wonderful Backyard Biology blog, reminded me of a post she had written in 2013 entitled “A white…

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Great Egret, In Close   1 comment


As their young get bigger adult Egrets are busy keeping them fed.

For me this means there are more opportunities for decent in flight photographs. Now is the time to to work them, the young will be grown and out soon enough.

Great Egret, In Close Great Egret, In Close

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Tom Turner, Shall Seventy-Seven Bells Sing Struck   2 comments

Tom-kenne_0333-b-w-blogTom and Kenne Turner (Tom would have been 77 today.)



We are hairy men
who may be thought of a “Twits,”
but I dare say, are not.
Why might you ask?
If you  look closely, you will not see
tasty morsels in our beards,
while Twits upon close review
will have tiny little specks
of dried-up scrambled eggs.

So says Roald Dahl,
and he should know
of all the disgusting things
found in the beard of a twit,
but no need to hold your noses.

So, what is it these hairy men
are trying to hide?
Is it an ugly face, you ask?
No, not really,
for we are two guys
possessing good thoughts,
which shone out of our faces
like sunbeams,
so we will always look lovely.

Again, Roald Dahl should know:
‘If a person has ugly thoughts,
it begins to show on the face.
And when that person
has ugly thoughts every day,
every week, every year,
the face gets uglier and uglier
until it gets so ugly
you can hardly bear to look at it.’

Even so, on this sand grain day
in the bent bay’s grave
I celebrate and spurn
what would have been
brother Tom’s driftwood
wind turned age,
shall seventy-seven bells sing struck.

— kenne

(Some lines in this poem are from Dylan Thomas’ poem, Poem On His Birthday. My brother loved quoting lines from Dylan Thomas’ poems.)

A Pair of Ravens: Birds of the Darkness   4 comments

A Pair of Ravens-72A Pair of Ravens: Birds of the Darkness — Image by kenne

Birds of the darkness
Tired of groping in the dark
Ravens stole the sun.

— kenne

Dark Spirits, To Expel Or Not To Expel   Leave a comment

Sharing a post from 6 years ago. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Misc Photos June 2008Dark Spirits (The Woodlands, Texas Night, 2009) — Image by kenne

Dark Spirits

Seems like only yesterday
Just last night about midnight
Drinking in the devil’s eye spirits
On a warm southern night

All alone gazing into times past
Hexed by the light in the dark
As long contorted snakes twist
From the devil’s eye in the sky

Each playing tricks on my mind
As I listen to distant rhythms
Moving to blows of the breeze
Beating to the tune of the chimes

Feeling passion in my veins
Knowing it’s not easy
To fight off these dark spirits
Binding me in uncertainty

There are no words to describe
Still, I keep trying
Turning circles, time and again
To make these feelings go away

Seeking to liberate myself
From this arduous situation,
I maintain an ember
Still feeling the heat of night

Perhaps it’s time
To put on my garb,

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Texas Dancehall Days   1 comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADouble Bayou Dancehall (October 19, 2002) — Photo-Artistry by kenne


There’s a sound
coming from a place
down on the bayou,
Double Bayou, that is.

A place where
houserocking blues lovers
would swing to the blues,
Texas Blues, that is.

I miss that place,
a dance hall
down on the bayou,
Double Bayou, that is.

Sixty-seven years
alone the gulf coast,
badly damaged by Ike,
hurricane Ike, that is.

I miss Pete Mayes,
legendary blues man
who ran the dance hall,
Double Bayou, that is.

A true blues man,
everything he sang
had that blues feeling,
Texas blues, that is.

A Pete Mayes concert
at the dance hall 
was a holidays tradition,
Christmas Holidays, that is.

“Old House Recognition”
sign how marks the place
the blues rang
over the bayou,

Double Bayou, that is.

— kenne


Note: Click on the Double Bayou Dancehall below the top image
to see a video on the history of dancehall.

Southwest Window   Leave a comment

Tucson Folk Festival 2013Southwest Window — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Colors give life

to that without

motion —

but what is existence

without motion,

locked in time


— kenne

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