Down On The Bayou   Leave a comment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJackson Grocery (October 2002) — Image by kenne


The night grows darker,
the fog moves in 
turning the full moon
into a yellow haze.

Gas pumps on empty
next to the old pickup,
an old man pisses in
the corner shadows

like nobody was around,
he didn’t care because
nobody really cares
down on the bayou.

— kenne


December Sunset Photo Essay   Leave a comment

D500 Photos

D500 Photos

D500 PhotosSunset Photos, Tucson, December 7, 2016 — Images by kenne

“Sunset is still my favorite color, and the rainbow is second.”

Squirrel On A Park Bench   Leave a comment

squirrel-on-park-bench-october-2013-8458-blogSquirrel On A Park Bench — Image by kenne

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

—Maya Angelou

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Praying Mantis Egg Casing   2 comments

Praying Mantis egg casing (1 of 1) blog II.jpgPraying Mantis Egg Casing on a Mesquite Limb in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

This Styrofoam-like mass was created by a female praying mantis to protect a mass of 200-400 eggs. This egg case is called an ootheca. Females typically lay their eggs in the fall. Tiny mantid nymphs will hatch from their eggs while still inside the egg case and make their way out of the ootheca approximately three months later.

— kenne

Blackett’s Ridge Trail   1 comment

blackets-trail-thimple-peak-1-of-1-blogBlackett’s Ridge Trail — iPhone Image by kenne

I exist in thought and action,
continually interpreting each
not knowing myself once and for all,
never being present once and for all.

I exist in mind and body,
continually maintaining each
not by what I know, but
by what I don’t know.

I exist to establish connections
between the spiritual and material
sinking to stabilize self by 
staying connected to nature;

knowing that the world is always 
different for each individual,
as it is for my needs, values
and expectations as they evolve.

I exist to understand my being
to think and feel differently by
learning from the poets,
reading poetry every day.

— kenne

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde




Shakespeare, Trump, and radical experiments of self-government: The Winter’s Tale   1 comment

Bring on some fairy-tale magic. — kenne

Shakespeare Confidential

I’ve been preoccupied with two people this year. The first, of course, is William Shakespeare. The other, alack, is Donald Trump.

I’ve avoided writing about the latter. It’s not that I don’t see the man everywhere in Shakespeare’s plays. I see him in Richard III’s Machiavellian machinations. In Richard II’s incompetence, overreach, and rashness. I see him in Iago’s Janus-faced manipulations. In Timon of Athen’s extreme egotism. In the glib sexual presumption of Falstaff as he appears in The Merry Wives of Windsor.

It’s that I’ve wanted to keep the two separated. Maybe because I’ve felt the connections were too pat, that discussing today’s politics would be such an obvious, unoriginal move. Maybe because I haven’t wanted to talk about him – because he’s all we ever talk about anymore.

You don’t get to ruin Shakespeare, too, damnit.

Or maybe it’s because, in spite of my efforts to make…

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Raven In The Snow   1 comment

december-snow-2011-raven-1-of-1-art-blogRaven In the Snow — Computer Painting by kenne

A wet snow fell on the mountains
clinging to the pine needles
on a silent, dark night.

By dawn, the clouds were gone
leaving behind  an icing
in the high country

where the sun awakens
a picture perfect landscape
and the ravens announce,

. . . “Good Morning America.”

— kenne


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