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Bark (1 of 1) art blog“Moccasin” — Beetle Paths Art by kenne

”The genuine artist is never “true to life.”
He sees what is real,
but not as we are normally aware of it.
We do not go storming through life
like actors in a play. Art is never real life.”

— Wallace Stevens


New Mexico Groundsel   Leave a comment

New Mexico groundsel (1 of 1)-21 blogNew Mexico Groundsel (Green Mountain Trail, Santa Catalina Mountains, April 22, 2016) — Image by kenne

Just living is not enough…

one must have sunshine, freedom,

and a little flower.

— Hans Christian Andersen

The Grays Have It!   3 comments

roadrunner (1 of 1) art blogThe Grays Have It! — Greater Roadrunner Image by kenne

Perched up in the tree

Not lesser than the greater

Looking good to her.

— kenne




Joan Tedford Honored At Annual SCVN Gathering   Leave a comment

Joan Tedford (1 of 1)-4 art blogNaturalist, Joan Tedford 

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Annually, the Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN) gather to celebrate the completion of the year (June 1-May 30) by sharing comradeship, food, stories, awards and introduce the new SCVN board to the membership. This event is always special, this year even more by giving Joan Tedford (“List Lady”) a much deserved SCVN Emerita award. Joan was recognized by Naturalists Debbie Bird, Edi Moore, Heather Murphy and author Frank S. Rose. — kenne

(Images and Video by kenne)


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Cactus Blossoms 2011  13434 - 2011-05-21

Cactus Blossoms — Abstract Art by kenne



It’s TimeTo Put Up The Quail Crossing Signs   2 comments

Quail Crossing

It’s a frantic time in the neighborhood. We are still waiting for the quail eggs on our patio to hatch, but will running the morning I had to stop twice for quail chicks and adults to cross. This morning’s sightings included chicks about the size of those in the image below. The smallest were having trouble getting up over the curb.

— kenne

Quail familySource: birdingforfun.com

Free As A Bird   Leave a comment

Verdin Nest (1 of 1)Grunge Art blogVerdin Nest — Grunge Art by kenne

Free as a Bird

You may desire

to be free as a bird, not

understanding your proper 

part within the whole,

meaning your ultimate destiny 

is not in your hands, but

caught in a conflict

between the forces of

freedom and duty.

— kenne


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