Joy and Robin — A Memory Flashback   1 comment

Joy and Robin (Hannah, April 14, 2004) — Image by kenne
Been going through some old photos — it’s that time of year.

Moonscape Outside Tuba City   Leave a comment

Moonscape Outside Tuba City — Panorama by kenne

Walking on the moon

Somewhere near Tuba City —

The painted desert.

— kenne

Like The Leaves Of Fall, We Are Changing   Leave a comment

Human individuality is the source of all human reality. The individual is the source of all significance, all meaning and value, and all that is known and constructed by man.

Becoming is Superior to Being

Aspen Trail -- 10-22-12Fall Colors at Sky Valley On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

The nature of man
is to be eternally making himself
and determining what he is,
in fact and in mind.

In thought and action,
one is continually interpreting experience
and integrating his interpretations
into a total constellation.

Each moment of continuous experience
changes the constellation.
And if one is alienated from his flowing experience,
his identity is lost.

It is impossible to know oneself
and for all,
for one is never present
once and for all.

— Clinton R. Meek, Beyond Individuality

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Thankful For Another Beautiful Day   Leave a comment

Another Beautiful Day In The Catalina Foothills — Image by kenne

“I always thank Mother Nature for all the beauty in the world.

It’s about having an attitude of gratitude.”

The Pause   Leave a comment

“The Pause” (The Wave Vermilion Cliffs National Monument) — HDR Image by kenne

Time to pause

Time to feel moments

Time to be.

— kenne

Fences, Trails and Cattle Guards   Leave a comment

A photo-essay from November 2012 — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Images by kenne

Last Sunday (November 4, 2012), Tom and I hiked the Baby Jesus Trail near Catalina State Park. This was a very enjoyable hike looking for the Baby Jesus rock without any luck. But, was able to get a lot of photos, which are shared on this posting.


(Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger view of the images.)

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On The Streets Of Bisbee   3 comments

On The Streets Of Bisbee Arizona — HDR Image by kenne

an old mining town

with a new town attitude

attracting tourists

— kenne

On the second day of Chickmas…my true love gave to me…   1 comment

Rethinking Life


…two turtle loves
a chicklet in a pear tree

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The Fighting Rooster of Rock   Leave a comment

Throwback Thursday — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Gallo del CieloTom Russell wrote a song about a destitute young man named Carlos Saragosa who steals a prize-fighting rooster named Gallo del Cielo. As the story goes, Saragosa wagers his sister’s locket, trying to win enough money to buy back the land stolen from his father.

This morning I stumbled on a short article inCounterpunchby Lorenzo Wolff titled,“Thirty Years Down the Road – Joe Ely, the Fighting Roster of Rock.”

“The song is meant to be about Saragosa, his struggle, and his defeat, but when Ely sings it, you can tell that he’s not relating the protagonist. How could he relate to someone who is crushed after only one defeat? No, Ely isn’t Saragosa. He’s the rooster, Gallo Del Cielo. You won’t see him giving up, he’ll fight until he no longer can, and whether it’s his heart that gives out or his fingers, it sure…

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Greater Roadrunner On The Run   Leave a comment

Greater Roadrunner On The Run — Abstract Art by kenne

Greater Roadrunner

Born to run the desert roads

Metaphor for speed.

— kenne

“Well it’s bad news from Houston, Half my friends are dying. ”    Leave a comment

Mr. V (James Vaughn) of Mr. & Mrs. V on Houston’s 90.1, KPFT — HDR Image by kenne

Mike Durbin of the Moe Hansum Band — Image by kenne

The Houston Blues community is feeling the pain. Two of the communities well known personallities past away this past week. To hornor the memory of these Houston friends, I’m sharing a Diunna Greenleaf video I posted several years ago — Growing Up and Growing Old in the Fellowship of Family and Friends.

— kenne

My Hoodoo Heaven   Leave a comment

My Hoodoo Heaven (Santa Catalina Mountains) — Images by kenne

Early Morning Hike In Saguaro National Park   2 comments

A post from November 27, 2012.

Becoming is Superior to Being

With the sun rising over the Rincon Mountains, east of Tucson in the Saguaro National Park,
The Monday Morning Milers begin hiking the Wildhorse Trail in a chilly 32 degree fall morning.

The Wildhorse Trail is very dusty from no rain in several months.

The desert grasses glow from the morning sun.

The trail leads toward one of the canyons along the Wildhorse Trail.

The park, named after the beautiful giant saguaro cactus, is occasionally graced by the rear crested saguaro cactus.

The saguaro cactus are rarely found in groups, such as this group of twelve 20 to 70-year-old saguaros.

Images by kenne

Long after death, the ribs of saguaro remain standing, a shadow of its live self.


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Cooper’s Hawk   Leave a comment

Cooper’s Hawk In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

A beautiful bird

And a super partiture

Love dive booming doves

— kenne

Hiking In The Santa Catalina Mountains   Leave a comment

Hiking In The Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

These regal,
sky islands exist,
unique, and vast, ​
unmatched diversity
raising summits
a sun sparkling
through the canyon
guiding hikers
to conquests
we aspire.

— kenne

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