Cathedral Rock Viewed from Blackett’s Ridge   1 comment

Blackett's Ridge-9876-Cathedral Rock-72Cathedral Rock Viewed from Blackett’s Ridge — Panorama by kenne

soft the sky


and softly


soft the drop


gently down

and soft my foot


soft the ground

and down the ground


gently down

— Hugh Prather

My Valentine Wildflower   3 comments

First posted February 14, 2012 — HAPPY VALENTINE DAY! –kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Fairy Duster — Image by kenne

She loves the mystical

power of flowers,

its bloom symbolizing

the human existence,

opening oneself to love.

As spring embraces the desert,

among the first to appear

is the dazzling fairy duster.

Present everywhere —

on hillsides, washes, and grasslands

throughout the Sonoran Desert.

These beautiful flowers

covey a touch of magic,

of having mystical powers,

charming her —

this mystical flower

in a mystical land.


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Northern Shoveler At Whitewater Drew   Leave a comment

Northern Shoveler-2-72Northern Shoveler At Whitewater Drew — Image by kenne


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1.8.11 — Artists Express The People’s Feelings.   Leave a comment

This posting was eight years ago, a little over a month after the Tucson shooting (01/08/11). Many mass shootings have continued to occur since that time. Tomorrow will be one year since the Parkland school shooting — “The name “Parkland” has become a shorthand for the tragedy that many hoped would mark the beginning of the end of school massacres.” We are not there yet, but the Parkland students have changed America’s response to mass shootings. (This reblog contains a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which you can watch by going to the original posting.) — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Artists express people’s feelings.

Artists from around the country touch by the 1.8.11 Tucson tragedy have used their creative skills to help raise money for the victims. A call for visual artists to create a work went out from Bohemia: An Arts Emporium, in Tucson, Suzanne Hodges created “Simple Gifts.” Her work was one of over 100 pieces created by 60 artists that were auctioned off at an event coördinated by Tana Kelch, owner of Bohemia, which raised about $4,000.

Many musicians used the Internet to offer tributes to the victims. Thanks to the established fan bases of Sam Tsui, and Ahmir, a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine” has been viewed by millions of people around the globe. The last image in the video is a handmade poster that says, “Violence solves nothing.” To read more, click here.


(Image Source: Arizona Daily Star)

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Desert Globemallow — Sphaeralcea ambigua   2 comments

Desert Globemallow Sphaeralcea ambigua copy

Desert Globemallow Sphaeralcea ambigua-1Desert Globemallow (Shaeralcea ambigua) In Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

Sabino Canyon
A place to walk in nature
Especially now.

— kenne

The Wall — Abstract Art   Leave a comment

abstract -- the wall-72The Wall — Abstract Art by kenne


Desert Rosemallow (Hibiscus coulteri)   Leave a comment

Desert Rosemallow Hibiscus coulteri-72.jpgDesert Rosemallow (Hibiscus coulteri) — Image by kenne

We spent the day
driving in the rain
from Houston to Ft. Stockton,
before that
five days of no sun.

This posting
is in preparation
for our return to
the Sonoran Desert
and springtime.

— kenne

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