Douglas Spring Trail   Leave a comment

Douglas Spring Trail — Image by kenne

On a chilly desert morning

we walk into sun rising

over the Rincon Mountains

in Saguaro National Park East.

— kenne

Down by the wash   Leave a comment

An artist I follow is here in the Sonoran Desert teaching — welcome to Tucson, Shari. — kenne

Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

The landscapes of the Sonoran desert near Tucson are stupendous. The tall Saguaro cactus, the prickly pear and the many varieties of shrubby cholla dot the landscape, but it’s difficult to find contrast in these hills. It’s mainly a faded green with the occasional dark mesquite branch to break up the scenery. So you can imagine my excitement in being directed down to a wash area of Tanque Verde where I found some pools of water. And a mountain top with a bit of snow on it.

This was a class demo from last week. I’m part way through my second week of teaching here with Madeline Island School, and I haven’t been posting much because teaching and group meals take up most of my time but the groups of sketchers have been wonderful and I will have lots to scan and post when I get home.

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Capturing the Word — zero and one   Leave a comment

This posting first appeared on February 8, 2011. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

“The more horrifying the world becomes, the more art becomes abstract.” (Paul Klee) — Image by kenne

zero and one

zero in nothing
one is something

zero is nothingness
it isn’t there
one is being

zero gives meaning
imposing subjectivity
one gives consciousness
imposing objectivity

zero cannot be one
only know one
one cannot be zero
only know zero

zero and one together
shape the imagination
zero and one together
shape the world


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A Sabino Canyon Morning   Leave a comment

A Sabino Canyon Morning — Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon Giclee Painting   1 comment

Sabino Canyon Giclee Painting by kenne

Yesterdays   Leave a comment

Yesterdays, New Orleans December 2007 — Collage by kenne

New Orleans days

Our favorite getaway

Living in Houston.

— kenne

From the Dark Tower: “Younger Negro Artists” in 1926   Leave a comment

“So in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds,
And wait, and tend our agonizing seeds.”
From Flame From the Dark Tower by
an American poet, novelist, children’s writer,
and playwright, particularly well known
during the Harlem Renaissance. — kenne

Frank Hudson

It’s February and in America it’s Black History Month.*   In the past few years of this Project I’ve picked a publication that has entered into public domain status to examine.**  This February I’m going to feature work from a singular 1926 publication, the first issue of what was to be a literary quarterly called Fire!!  The cover advertised it would be “Devoted to younger Negro Artists.”

FIre!! cover

Want to read this issue of Fire!!  in part or all? Here’s a link to a high-resolution scan of it.


It’s worth stopping and noticing that “younger” again. It’s easy to fall into a trap when considering a time so long ago to many who will be reading this in 2023 — but its contributors and instigators were in their younger 20s though some had been writing and publishing since they were teenagers. They may seem old to you by strange definition, but…

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Happy Groundhog Day   3 comments

Winter Moon Over Tucson   1 comment

Winter Moon Over Tucson — Image by kenne

Tucson’s winter moon

May not be a harvest moon

Don’t really care.

— kenne

Desert Windmill   1 comment

Desert Windmill — Image by kenne

Windmills hypnotize

See adventure and magic

Don Quixote complex.

— kenne

Corvette Raffle At Festival   Leave a comment

Corvette Raffle at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Tucson Greek Festival — Image by kenne

With so many leaves, the sun waves good day
with many stands shines, shines the sky
and those ones inn irons and those others are in the earth.

Quiet anytime now, the church bells will signal.

This earth is theirs and ours.

Beneath the earth in their crossed arms
they hold the rope of the church bells,
they are awaiting the hour, waiting to signal the resurrection
this earth is theirs and ours
no one can take it from us

Quiet anytime now, the church bells will signal.

— from The Church Bells Will Signal by Yiannis Ritsos

Street Fair Food   Leave a comment

Street Fair Food — Image by kenne

You try not to stop

When food looks and smiles so good

How can you say no?

— kenne

Great Blue Visited Nextdoor   4 comments

Great Blue Heron Visited A Neighbor’s House — Image by kenne

Although one might not expect to see a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) in the Sonoran Desert, they have an extensive range
and occur throughout much of North and Central America wherever there is water. If you happen to have a koi or goldfish pond
in your backyard, you may be visited by a heron.

— kenne

The Diamond Sutra   Leave a comment

Buddha — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Diamond Sutra

All appearance is delusion.

If you view all appearance as nonappearance,

Then that view is your true nature.

Do not become attached to any thoughts

That arise in the mind.

If you see form as the Absolute,

If you search out the Absolute with your voice,

You are practicing the wrong path,

And you cannot see your true self.

All compounded things are like a dream,

A phantom,  a bubble, or a reflection.

They are like dew or lightning.

Thus should you view them.

Pocket Gopher   1 comment

Pocket Gopher — Image by kenne

Pocket gophers are sometimes confused with their fossorial relatives, moles. There are several easy ways to tell the two groups apart.
Moles have small teeth and tiny, unapparent eyes. Pocket gophers have long incisors that protrude from the mouth, and their eyes are easy to see.
In addition, mole tunnels leave raised ridges in the ground, whereas pocket gopher tunnels do not. — Source: The National Wildlife Federation

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