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Saguaro — Ink Stamp Art by kenne

 A genuine (true) dichotomy is a set of alternatives that are both mutually exclusive and jointly exhaustive.
A set of alternatives A and B are mutually exclusive if and only if no member of A is a member of B.
This image is a visual example of a genuine (true) dichotomy.

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Two-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly — Mixed Art by kenne

If you have a past with which you feel dissatisfied,
then forget it, now.
Imagine a new story for your life and believe in it.
Focus only on the moments
when you achieved what you desired,
and that strength will help you
to get what you want.

— Paulo Coelho

Sanibel   Leave a comment

An artist that has captures the southwest coast of Florida before Ian. — kenne

Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

I’ve just returned from a week of teaching and sketching in Greece, and I’ll be posting my sketches from there very soon, but before that I can’t really write anything new without acknowledging the destruction and loss of life caused by Hurricane Ian in the Sanibel Island, San Carlos Island and Fort Myers Beach area, places that I know so well and sadly recognize in news images every day. It’s just heartbreaking to see, and I hope that helps comes soon for all who have lost so much in this storm.

Our first visit to Sanibel was in 2017 and in the past few years I’ve sketched buildings and canals, the lighthouse, beach people and sea urchins, birds and shells, boats, nets, the now infamous Sanibel Causeway, and lots more.

I have been reading the news reports obsessively since our return this week…

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Filigree Skimmer in Desert Grass (October 5, 2022) — Image by kenne

We have been experiencing cool mornings here in the desert, so I decided to go to Sabino Canyon.
I don’t usually expect to see dragonflies, at least that provide photo-ops. I spotted a black dragonfly
about 12 yards away not far away from Sabino Creek. I wasn’t sure what kind it was, since I had not
seen a black dragonfly before. As dragonflies will do, it kept moving farther away. As a result, this
was the best shot I could get of my first Filigree Skimmer photograph.

The Filigree Skimmer (Pseudoleon superbus) is a dragonfly of the southwestern United States and Mexico.
In the U.S. it is found in south and west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. The species usually perches on the ground
or on rocks in and near stream beds. It is a striking species as it flies up and down a stream bed in front of an observer.
— Source:

— kenne

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Village of Elgin, Arizona, Wine Tasting Room (June 23, 2018) — Image by kenne

One day in June
we tasted fine
Arizona wines.
a glass
with new
on the road

I quoted the poet
sounding effete,
being from Tucson:

“Oh, it was a brave
man who drink one.”
Feeling brave, we
proceeded to drink on.

— kenne

Santa Fe Painting   2 comments

Santa Fe Water Lily — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Water lily ponds

Not known for southwest colors

Until I add them.

— kenne

Check Engine Light Is On   3 comments

Somewhere in the Dark

My check engine light is on.

You know the one that comes on

even when everything seems fine,

but you know that it’s only a matter

of time before everything comes to a full stop?

Yeah. That.

My check engine light is on.

— kenne

Autumn On Mt. Lemmon — A Panorama   Leave a comment

Autumn On Mt. Lemmon — A Panorama by kenne

Leaves begin to fall

Here high on Mt. Lemmon

Now wearing long sleeves.

— kenne

360 Revisited, December 4, 2005 — Thought   Leave a comment

This posting is from December 4, 2005, my original blog on Yahoo 360. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Entry from December 04, 2005

(Photo: Thought)Don’t give up your power to think!

You may care not to admit it, but we all spend time thinking about our relationship to the universe and all things that are connected. However, we may spend time running from ourselves because of divergent forces inside each of us.

Some of the ways you are becoming focused on vicarious experiences, such as reading a mystery novel or playing computer games. We might also join a religion or political movement.

These acts involve little to no risk since there is little chance of our connections with others becoming an objectification of who we are. There is much evidence to show that running from self-behavior is the result of an attitude managed by the dominant side of your brain.

You’re probably beginning to think, “. . . now we are going to get some of this right…

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Apache Beggarticks Wildflower   Leave a comment

Apache Beggarticks Wildflowers On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

As fall comes to Mt. Lemmon

The mixed conifer forest begins

To show its autumn colors as

Mountain wildflowers will remain

Until the winter snows start to fall

And Mt. Lemmon becomes a house

Without beams and walls.

— kenne

They Flee From Me   Leave a comment

Again Frank provides an analisis and insight into the classic poem by Wyatt. The musical interpretation is classic Hudson.

Frank Hudson

Somewhere in the early 16th century, a member of the English royal court Thomas Wyatt wrote a love poem, or rather a poem of lost love. Like Shakespeare’s sonnets, no one knows if it’s autobiographical, but ever since I first read it as a teenager I’ve thought it feels real. Maybe after this many centuries that’s good enough.

If so, then “They Flee From Me”  is an example of the presentness poetry gives us. Begin reading (or listening), as I did decades ago, and one moves through the rich conceit of the poem’s first stanza where the poet fancies he’s feeding some animal, likely a deer kept for private sport hunting in some rich nobleman’s deer park. If one knows that situation, then the tender animal lured inside by the kind-seeming human offering it food may put one in a piteous mood. Poor thing. It doesn’t know what the…

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Lilac-banded Longtail or Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes) — Image by kenne (October 2, 2022)

This is the first time I’ve seen, and photographed Lilac-banded Longtail or Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes), a butterfly of the Hesperiidae family. It is found from Argentina, north through Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies to southern Texas and peninsular Florida.
Strays can be found as far north as northern California, southern Arizona, southern Missouri and southern Georgia. — Source: iNaturalist

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Revisiting a September 21, 2017, posting — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Sunset Layers untitled-0412 blogUntitled Sunset Layers by kenne

Pods and seeds unite
Underneath the circling sun
Waiting for the wind.

Flying high above
Planting seeds for tomorrow
Nature works magic.

I paint with new tools
Brushes, filters, and software
To tell my story.

— kenne

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Raven, The Largest Perching Bird   2 comments

Raven, The Largest Perching Bird — Image by kenne

Passeriform, also called passerine or perching bird, is any member of the largest order of birds
and the dominant avian group on Earth today. The passeriform birds are actual perching birds,
with four toes, three directed forward and one backward. The raven is the largest perching bird
with a wingspan of four-plus feet.

— kenne

Morning Visitor   Leave a comment

Two-tailed Swallowtail On Meyer Lemmon Tree — Image by kenne

I don’t know why

but I’m pleased

swallowtails seem

to love our patio

Meyer lemon tree

making it easy for

me to set nearby

photographing these

beautiful butterflies.

— kenne

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