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Bighorn Fire   3 comments

Bighorn Fire-art-72Bighorn Fire — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Bighorn Fire

is burning up

my mountain

all my tears

won’t put it out.

— kenne

Bighorn Fire, June 18th On Mt. Lemmon   2 comments

For some of us, this video is not easy to watch. Sad, very sad!

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Mt. Lemmon Fleabane   Leave a comment

Arizona Fleabane-72Mt. Lemmon Fleabane — Image by kenne

Thinking of the past and the future as the Bighorn Fire continues to burn on the mountain.

— kenne


Miss Being On The Mountain   6 comments

Wild Rasberry-72Wild Rasberry On Mt. Lemmon (07/18/14) — Image by kenne

Those who love spending our summers hiking on Mt. Lemmon are saddened by the continued burning
of the Bighorn Fire in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

As I write this post, the Pima County Sheriff has told residents and businesses
to evacuate the Mt. Lemmon, Summerheaven, and Mt. Bigalow areas.
The Catalina Hwy has been close to non-residents and businesses for several days now. 

— kenne


American Robin   Leave a comment

American Robin On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

Though they’re familiar town and city birds, American Robins are at
home in wilder areas, too, including mountain forests.

Bighorn Fire Spreads To Higher Elevations   4 comments

Bighorn Fire Above Oro ValleyBighorn Fire (June 13, 2020) –Image by Kelly Presnell / Arizona Daily Star

This view is as seen from Oro Valley on the northside of the Santa Catalina Mountains. The glow over the mountains to the right is Tucson. 

As of this morning, active fires in Romero and Cargodera Canyons burned together and continued to push to the north and east. With this spread to the higher elevations comes a transition in fuel type, with the fire moving from grasses and brush up to chaparral. Smoke from these heavier fuels will be very visible today.

Firefighters on Mt. Lemmon are building from the preparatory work done by the community together with the Forest Service, ensuring existing fire breaks are clear, and that defensible space is maintained. Crews and equipment will be working north toward the town of Oracle, scouting for containment features and identifying values at risk.

Fire in Ventana Canyon continued to be active and is expected to slowly back down the canyon where crews are confident the existing fire line will hold. Firefighters are building line extending east from the southern edge of the fire to protect communities, should the fire move in that direction where there is unburned fuel.

The fire has now burned close to 15,000 acres.

Sneezeweed Impression Art   Leave a comment

Naturalists On Lemmon MeadowSneezeweed with Bee Landing — Impression Art by kenne

Feeling the breeze

over the meadow

moving wildflowers

on the mountain —

close eyes

for the moment.

— kenne

Robinia neomexicana, New Mexico Locust   Leave a comment

Aspen TrainRobinia neomexicana, New Mexico Locust  Blossom — Image by kenne

The New Mexico Locust are in full bloom on Mt. Lemmon, which is a prominent understory tree in spruce-fir, fir, and mixed conifer forests. New Mexico locust has beautiful flowers that can brighten whole hillsides in the spring so it is sometimes planted as an ornamental. This use, however, is limited because of its small size, tendency to root sprout, and thorny stems. (U.S. Forest Service)

— kenne

Mt. Lemmon Wild Turkey   Leave a comment

Mt Lemmon Photo ShootMt. Lemmon Wild Turkey — Image by kenne


Art Is Where You Find It   3 comments

Nature's ArtNature’s Wood Art Found On Mt. Lemmon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it,
move with it, and join the dance. 

— Alan Watts


The Rings Of Life   3 comments

The Rings of Life-72“The Rings of Life” — Image by kenne

Tree Rings

They are silent scars,
tree rings,
simple markers of time
that ignores
the story between the lines,
the seasons of starvation,
the winters that lingered,
the days of summer, of wine and dance,
the wild mistakes
and the wilder joys,
the droughts and soft nights of love,
all of them lost in the lines,
each so similar to the next,
markers of age, so easily seen by others,
who cannot know your story in all it’s richness
unless you have the courage
to leave the lines behind,
tell your own tale
like the bards of old,
creating a truth more true than honesty,
more true than markers or memories,
or the lies of time.

Tom Atkins


Snow On Mt. Lemmon   1 comment

Mt. Lemmon Snow 2012 87-72-2Snow On Mountain — Image by kenne

In the mountain’s it’s cold

Always been cold, not just this year.

Jagged scarps forever snowed in

Woods in the dark ravines spitting mist.

Grass is still sprouting at the end of June,

Leaves begin to fall in early August.

And here am I, high on mountains,

Peering and peering, but I can’t even see the sky.

— Gary Snyder

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