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I Walked The Mountain Trail   Leave a comment

Sneezeweed Art   Leave a comment

Sneezeweed Art by kenne

Green to blue

Yellow to orange

New to old

— kenne

Sneezeweed Impression Art   Leave a comment

Naturalists On Lemmon MeadowSneezeweed with Bee Landing — Impression Art by kenne

Feeling the breeze

over the meadow

moving wildflowers

on the mountain —

close eyes

for the moment.

— kenne

Mt. Lemmon Sneezeweed   Leave a comment

Aspen Drew Hike Sneezeweed-layers-72.jpgMt. Lemmon Trail Sneezeweed (July 5, 2019) a Common Summer Flower on Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

Helen of Troy Tears   Leave a comment

Sneeze Weed-2891-Edit-5-72Sneezeweed — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Helen of Troy tears
Nourished the ground at her feet
Replace the fire.

— kenne

Sneezeweed Among The Ferns   Leave a comment

Sneeze Weed-2891-Edit-1-art-72Sneezeweed — Photo-Artistry by kenne

In among the ferns

Yellow daisy-like flowers,

The sneezeweed stand tall.

— kenne



Ah-Choo — The Nation Is Under Attact   1 comment

Sneezeweed Art (1 of 1)-10 blog“Ah-Choo” — Sneezeweed Image by kenne

I don’t have any allergies but don’t tell my nose.

— kenne

Sneezeweed & Ferns On Mt. Lemmon   1 comment

Meadow Triail Hike 07-23-12Sneezeweed & Ferns On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

I have realized that the past and future are real illusions,
that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.

— Alan Watts

Sneezeweeds Among The Ferns   Leave a comment

Sneeze Weed-2891 blogSneezeweeds Among the Ferns (June 30, 2017) — Image by kenne

we hike Aspen Loop
high above the desert heat
our summer retreat

sneezeweeds among ferns
along Mt. Lemmon’s stream
a trickle of life

— kenne

Sneezeweed Bouquet   Leave a comment

sneezeweed-1-of-1-blog-iiWestern Sneezeweed Bouquet Image by kenne

“If I had a nose full of nickels,
I would sneeze them all ah-choo.”

Mt. Lemmon Sneezeweed   2 comments

Sneezeweed (1 of 1) blogMt. Lemmon Sneezeweed — Image by kenne

“Reason is the first casualty in a drought.”

― Marc Reisner, Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water

Beetle Homecoming   3 comments

Sneeze weed (1 of 1)with beetles Art blogA Sneezeweed blossom hosts a beetle homecoming. (July 31, 2015, Mt. Lemmon, Arizona)– Image by kenne

Sneezeweed   2 comments

Sneezeweed (1 of 1)-10 blogSneezeweed (Helenium) Wildflowers — Image by kenne

I’m still learning to identify southern Arizona wildflowers and one that I always recognize by name is sneezeweed. But, despite its name, sneezeweed does not cause an allergic reaction. Actually, I prefer another one of its names, Helen’s Flower. In Greek mythology, Helenium emerge from the tears of Helen of Troy.

Capturing The Moment –Sneeze, Ah-Ah-Ah-Caa-Choo!   5 comments

Bee On Sneezeweed — Image by kenne

My Nose Garden

I have rowses and rowses of noses and noses
And why they all growses I really can’t guess.
No lilies or roses, just cold-catching noses,
And when they all blowses, it’s really a mess.

They runs and they glowses, these sneezity noses,
They drips and they flowses, they blooms and they dies.
But you can’t bring no noses to fine flower showses
And really expect them to give you a prize.

But each mornin’ I goeses to water with hoses
These rowses of noses that I cannot sell,
These red sniffly noses that cause all my woeses,
Why even the crowses complain that they smell.

Why noses, not roses? Well, nobody knowses.
Why do you supposes they growses this thick?
But since there’s no roses come gather some noses —
I guarantee each one’s a good nose to pick.

— Shel Silverstein

Best Way To Start The Day, Flowers And Fruit   5 comments

Sneezeweed on the Butterfly Trail — Mt. Lemmon

Wild Raspberries — Images by kenne

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