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Yes, The Sun . . .   Leave a comment

Sunrise (1 of 1)_art blogComputer Painting by kenne

Yes, the sun
has risen again.
I can hear my heart

regular and strong.
I will live to see
the day end as 
I lived to see earth
turn molten and white,
then to metal,
then to whatever shape
we stamped into it
as we laughed the 
long night hours away
or sang how the eagle
flies on Friday.

When Friday came,
the early hours perfect
and cold, we cursed 
our only lives and passed
the bottle back and forth.

— from One Day by Philip Levine

Okinawan Schoolboy Photo, 1967-68   2 comments

School Boy --2 blogOkinawan Schoolboy, 1967-68 — Images by kenne

Recently, Mary Ann sent me one of the many slides I took while stationed on the island of Okinawa for 18 months during 1967-68. While on the island most all my images were taken using Ektachrome slide film, which I preferred over Kodachrome slide film. Most of my images were of places, and things and I felt Ektachrome was more natural. Kodachrome provided warmer images, making it better for portraits.

During my time in Okinawa, I covered most of the island, which is approximately 70 miles long and an average 7 miles wide, on my 90cc Honda. The above image was one of the few portraits I took while there, and it came about strictly by accident. I was in north-central Okinawa at the Fukugawa Falls, which was a great place for school children to go on a field-trip.  Children were playing and enjoying the outing. There was one boy was sitting quietly on a big rock near the falls.  Taken by his solitude, I started watching him and decided to take a photo of him, moving from right to left when he looked at me. I took his picture. Immediately, his body language told me he wasn’t pleased, never smiling once.

For me, the of this schoolboy captured so much of the rural Okinawan culture. At that time, the island of Okinawa was an American territory. The Ryukyuan people, at best just tolerated our presence, reminding me very much of native Americans.

Over the years since taking this image, it has remained etched in my brain. Recently, in a conversation with Mary Ann during our visit to Ft. Collins, CO, she told me she had kept the slide separate from all the other Okinawan slides and would send it to me.

1200px-Canon_FT_QLFor a slide taken in 1967, it was in excellent condition. It helped that Mary Ann had kept the slide separate from all the other Okinawan slides. I had Photographic Works, here in Tucson scan a high-resolution file.

Over the last fifty years, I have taken thousands of images, this one remains my favorite. It was one of those “right place, right time events.” The original image was with a Canon FT QL camera and a 130 mm Canon lens. This camera and lenses were stolen in the early 1970’s and replaced with an FTb QL, which I still have.

School Boy B-W--3 blog 3B/W reproduction of the original slide by kenne

A moment captured
An intrusion of the soul
Now one in our time.

— kenne


Beauty Blooms In Every Wildflower   Leave a comment

Wildflower (1 of 1) art blog quoteComputer Painting by kenne



GoodBye   Leave a comment

Meadow Triail Hike 07-23-12Bye-Bye — Image by kenne

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye,
the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again” 

― Jimi Hendrix

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Happy Birthday, Joy   3 comments

kennejoy2001-8-artImage by kenne


“things that remain to
remind us of what we were
before we were without that
which prompts us to remember.”

Push Ridge Wilderness — Black & White Photograph   2 comments

Shadows in the Woods-8545-2 blogBlack & White Image by kenne

Summer monsoon sky
Cast shadows over Push Ridge
Mountain wilderness.

— kenne

Star Power   Leave a comment

Mt. Lemmon Trail 06-24-13“Star Power” Silverpuff Blossom In the Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

Islands in the sky
High above the desert floor
Share the monsoon rains.

— kenne


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