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Mourning Doves Wait   2 comments

Mourning Doves Wait — Image by kenne

The doves wait

in a tree near 

the bird feeder

until I leave my

chair on the patio.

— kenne


Cedar Waxwings   3 comments

Cedar Waxwings — Image by kenne

I can see them spacing 

to find room, looking

so much alike it’s nearly 

impossible to count them.

— kenne

Verdin Foraging   2 comments

Verdin Foraging — Image by kenne

I Need My Pelican Head!   1 comment

Pelican Head — Image by kenne

“I need my pelican head!”

Reddish Egret   3 comments

Reddish Egret Off of Bolivar Island, Galveston, Texas — Image by Hugh Poland

Recently, Hugh Poland attended some of the Galveston Featherfest Events. One was Ground Level Bird Photography
at Bolivar Flats on the Bolivar Peninsula. This image of a Reddish Egret is one he shared with me.

Costa’s Hummingbird   2 comments

Costa’s Hummingbird — Image by kenne

Amazing small birds

Moving fast around the yard

So much energy.

— kenne

Cardinal At Patio Feeder   1 comment

Male Cardinal At Patio Feeder This Morning — Image by kenne

A male cardinal
Bright red in the morning sun
A year-round neighbor.

Not seen, but nearby
the muted colored female
Proceeds with caution.

— kenne

Easter Morning On The Patio   Leave a comment

Curve-billed Thruster at Patio Feeder On Easter Morning — HDR image by kenne

Back from my morning walk
Time for coffee on the patio
And watching birds at the feeder.

— kenne


House Sparrow   Leave a comment

House Sparrow — Image by kenne

Lesser Goldfinches At Patio Fountain   Leave a comment

Lesser Goldfinches At Patio Fountain — Image by kenne

Great Blue Visited Nextdoor   4 comments

Great Blue Heron Visited A Neighbor’s House — Image by kenne

Although one might not expect to see a Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) in the Sonoran Desert, they have an extensive range
and occur throughout much of North and Central America wherever there is water. If you happen to have a koi or goldfish pond
in your backyard, you may be visited by a heron.

— kenne

Hummingbird Feeder Art   Leave a comment

Hummingbird Feeder Art — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Sometimes you hear them

Their humming sound makes us look

Making eye contact.

— kenne

Sandhill Cranes   6 comments

Sandhill Cranes Over Whitewater Draw — Image by kenne

After leaving at sunrise
to feed in the nearby fields
hundreds of cranes return
at mid-day,
squawking in a
cacophony heard miles around.

It’s sunny with a few passing
clouds drifting overhead
in the distance
mountains rise above
the farm and ranch lands.

These big birds prefer
the shallow waters of the draw
where they stand protected
from predators who prefer
to stay out of the water.

Geese, ducks and other
waterfowl can be found
wintering here in southeast
Arizona attracting birders
with scopes and cameras.

I don’t see myself as a birder,
birders are strange
counting and taking notes
to be placed on eBird,
me, I just take photos.

Occasionally we make small talk
going through our social necessities
thinking about it or not thinking about it
walking freely on by not holding to the
moment so as not to remember.

— kenne

Neighborhood Ravens   1 comment

A Raven Couple Lives In Our Neighborhood — Image by kenne 

The Hills of Cualann

In the youth of summer
The hills of Cualann
Are two golden horns,
Two breasts of childing,
Two two of light.

In the age of winter
They are two rusted swords,
Two waves of darkness,
Two moons of ice.

— Joseph Campbell

White Pelicans In Flight Over Lake Houston   Leave a comment

American White Pelicans White Over in East Texas — Photo Gallery by kenne

Lakes, marshes, salt bays. In breeding season mostly inland, nesting on isolated islands in lakes and feeding on shallow lakes, rivers, marshes.
Feeding areas may be miles from nesting sites. Also breeds locally on coastal islands. Flocks in migration stop on lakes, rivers.
Winters mainly along coast, on shallow, protected bays and estuaries, also on large lakes in warm climates. Source:

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