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4th Avenue Street Fair — River of People   1 comment

Street Musician4th Avenue Street Fair, Spring 2019 Addition 
— Images by kenne

spring festival
people walking
meeting friends

drinking beer
stop for food
display booths
art or junk
you decide
smile and laugh
keep moving
keep moving
keep moving

— kenne

Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk   Leave a comment

Cooper's Hawk-72.jpgJuvenile Cooper’s Hawk On Patio Fountain — Image by kenne

This Cooper’s Hawk is probably not the guy that captured the Mourning Dove that I posted several days ago (Cooper’s Hawk and Prey). Since doves also frequent the fountain, it is not unusual to see hawks in the olive tree on the patio.

On the morning the dove became the hawk’s prey there were feathers near the patio door. This was not unusual since doves have been known to fly into the patio door leaving a print on the glass and a few scattered feathers. However, this time there were feathers, but no print leaving me to conclude the hawk probably cornered the dove.

— kenne

March 2019Adult Cooper’s Hawk in Mesquite Tree — Image by kenne


Liftoff   1 comment

Turket Vultures Liftoff-72“Liftoff ” (Turkey Vulture in Dead Tree Along Tanque Verde Wash) — Image by kenne


Another Sign Of Spring   1 comment

It’s Dragonfly Time   2 comments

Red-veined darter-Edit-2-art-72Red-veined Darter Dragonfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Whenever you want to achieve something,
keep your eyes open,
concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it
is that you want.
No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.

— Paulo Coelho


New Shade Shelter At Sabino Canyon Stop #9   4 comments

unnamed (3)

Fans of Sabino Canyon will have two big things to celebrate in the coming weeks: the return of the Sabino Canyon Tram and a beautiful new shade structure that will heighten the enjoyment of Sabino’s natural beauty during Tucson’s endless sunny days.   

Working in VERY close partnership with Friends of Sabino Canyon, the U.S. Forest Service, and The Regional Partnering Center, Caylor Design and Construction was chosen to construct the beautiful new shade structure, designed by Eglin & Bressler Architects, in anticipation of the Tram service starting running again this week.

And while this could never be considered a “big” job, it’s certainly a big deal to the almost one million visitors Sabino Canyon sees every year, and so it was a project we took on happily and poured our whole hearts into. Working on a project like this, in what we consider to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, was an assignment we relished. Without a doubt, our biggest challenge was Mother Nature and our deep commitment to having as little impact on the Canyon as possible. The meticulous planning we put into every aspect of construction – especially getting our essential heavy equipment, backhoes and concrete trucks back into the site were rewarded with minimal or no impact on the environment. There were days where the creek was roaring, and our crews couldn’t even get back to the site!  

For some companies, this project would have been too small and too demanding to be worth the effort. At Caylor, we were proud that we were trusted to be up to the task. And we’re VERY proud of the results! (The images and copy are from Pedro Gastelum with Caylor Design and Construction.)

Saguaro Scars   2 comments

Saguaro Scars-Edit-1-72.jpgSaguaro Scars — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Mid-life saguaros
Having survived desert heat
Have plenty of scars.

— kenne

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