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Cholla Cactus — Hanging Fruit   1 comment

Cholla Castus-Hanging Fruit-72Cholla Cactus — Hanging Fruit — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Nature is disordered, powerful, and chaotic, and through fear of the chaos, we impose
a system on it. We abhor complexity and seek to simplify things whenever we can by
whatever means we have at hand. We need to have an overall explanation of what the
universe is and how it functions. In order to achieve this overall view, we develop
explanatory theories, that will give structure to natural phenomena: we classify nature
into a coherent system, which appears to do what we say it does.

— from The Day The Universe Changed by James Burke


Nature Stilllife Painting   Leave a comment

Desert Cotton Blossom-art-72.jpgNature Stilllife Painting (Desert Cotton Blossom) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Everything on the face of the earth

is constantly being transformed

because the Earth is alive and has a Soul.

— Paulo Coelho

Foggy Morning In New Orleans   2 comments

Jackson Square N.O. Dec 2014-art-72Foggy Morning In Jackson Square — Photo-Artistry by kenne


Pondering the Hiking Moments On The Trail   Leave a comment

Hikers Taking A Water Break-Edit-1-Edit-1-72Pondering the Hiking Moments On the Trail — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Pondering the Hiking Moments

Let’s remember for a moment . . .

The trailhead gatherings,
the greetings, the smiles,
the joy of another hike.

The steep climbs, the switchbacks,
the majestic views at the top,
the masterful returns.

The trail fellowship,
sharing who we are
and common interests.

The pools near mountain trails,
resting tired feet in the cold water,
while others jump in.

The hikes along ridges of granite
and the juxtapositions of water-loving
and drought-tolerating plants.

The images captured on camera,
or our mind’s eye,
lasting images to share.

That which we have added
to life’s experiences forming
a better understanding of self.

The desire, the drive to see 
what lies just over the next ridge,
on the other side of the mountain.

To our Sabino Canyon friends,
“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome,
dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.” *

— kenne

* Edward Abbey

New Orleans Gallery Window   Leave a comment

New Orleans Gallery Window-art-72New Orleans Gallery Window — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“The whole content of my being shrieks in contradiction against itself,”

a Kierkegaard line I found in brother Tom’s notes, dated 6/29/93

— kenne

Somewhere In Northwest Arizona   Leave a comment

Christmas 2012 10-Northwest Arizona-Edit-1-art-72.jpgA Monument Somewhere In Northwest Arizona — Photo-Artistry by kenne

In all the photos I have taken over the years,

I may never have found myself in them,

but I have always discovered myself there.

— kenne

Christmas Eve In The Desert   4 comments

Christmas 2012Christmas Eve In The Desert — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Continue to digest the emptiness

The wise say all things are
connected in the Universe,
And remain so throughout time
Continue to digest the emptiness.

The foolish create aliens
from the unknown
“See the dragon in my garage.”
Continue to digest the emptiness.

Still trying to understand the message
in our fleeing experience
we seek to be identical with the stable.
Continue to digest the emptiness.

Our impermanent passing experience
is where knowledge exist
by not minimizing the significance of the whole
Continue to digest the emptiness.

Nothing can be retained
Even knowledge, like the fruit of the tree
decays as soon as it is ripe
Continue to digest the emptiness.

As gatekeepers to all things connected
By opening the gates to experience
We learn to love and care for others
Continue to digest the emptiness.

Seek not to ripen on the tree of knowledge
for knowledge that is “crystal-clear.”
only decays when ripe
Continue to digest the emptiness.

To stop connecting is to
Is to see the fruit as a constant red
Let the shade is continually changing
Continue to digest the emptiness.

Because we may lack the realization
Should stop us from crawling
with the “struggling ant.”
Continue to digest the emptiness.

As our reality is narrowed
Our ability to connect
Creating meaning and value is diminished
Continue to digest the emptiness.

— kenne


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