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Old Tucson Studios   4 comments

Old Tucson Studios — Photo-Artistry by kenne

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — It’s been just over a year since Old Tucson Studios closed its doors.
The famous western attraction shuttered because of the pandemic. Now, after a long and at times
secretive process, Pima County is getting ready to announce who will take over the lease.

“The proposal period now has closed and they are actively considering whatever proposals have come in,”
said filmmaker and Chair of the Arizona Film Expo, Daryl Mallett.

Mallet was also a member of the Pima County Old Tucson Task Force. They helped in the county’s
process of finding the right developer to take over the lease of Old Tucson. Although he doesn’t know
who County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry will recommend to the supervisors, he does get a sense
the decision will be announced soon. — Source:

Old Tucson Work Area   Leave a comment

Old Tucson Work Area — Image by kenne

You have to pick the places you don’t walk away from. 

— Joan Didion, A Book of Common Prayer 

Gates Pass Area In The Tucson Mountains   1 comment

Tucson Mountains Panorama 3-blogGates Pass Area In The Tucson Mountains — Panorama by kenne (This panorama was created by merging three photos in Adobe Lightroom)

The road through the pass
is narrow with lots of curves
and no shoulders for the
many bikers going along the
crest of the Tucson Mountains.

Sunsets in the Sonoran Desert
at beautiful, especially when
viewed from Gates Pass after
spending the day at Old Tucson
or Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

— kenne

High Chaparral Ranch Set At Old Tucson Studios   6 comments

Old Tucson High Chaparral-B-W blogHigh Chaparral Ranch Set at Old Tucson Studios — Image by kenne

 My Heart Beats Free
by Keith Ward
Oh how I loved them TV shows and the stories I’d read,
About the cowboys and their horses free and brave.
Heroes to us young boys, a rare and special breed.
Taught us how true men should behave.

And I’d dream about someday and I’d dream about the west.
And I’d dream about the man that I would be.
And I felt that man’s heart beating inside a boy’s chest,
And I knew that heart would die if not set free.

 . . . click here to read more.

Enjoying Old Tucson Studios Over The Holidays   4 comments

James, Mom and Grandma spent a fun day at Old Tucson Studios west of Tucson. (Click on any of the images to see slideshow.) — Images by kenne

Old Tucson Backlot Express   2 comments

Old Tucson-9356 blogOld Tucson Locomotive Legend, the Reno

Old Tucson-9344 blogOld Tucson Backlot Express — Images by kenne

Katie At Old Tucson Video   Leave a comment

Kate becomes part of the entertainment — Image by kenne

Matt also becomes part of the entertainment in the Saloon. Image by kenne

On the 17th of April, Katie, Nick, Matt, Joy and I were at Old Tucson and fun was had by all. As you can see, Kate and Matt got in on the act(s).



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Old Tucson Studios — Image by kenne

Kate taking photos at Old Tucson Studios — Image by kenne

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Old Tucson — Old Western’s Filming Site   1 comment

Images by kenne



Not the movie studio it used to be, Old Tucson Studios remains a historical site
for movie buffs and a fun place for youth. Located just west of Tucson, Arizona,
adjacent to the Tucson Mountains and close to the western portion
of Saguaro National Park, the site was built in 1939 for the movie Arizona.

Last Friday, during James and Jill’s visit, we spent a beautiful, fun day
at the Old Tucson Studios. Not quite the same place as it was when
I first visited the Studios in 1968, but still a great place to take visitors.

The slideshow below contain twelve of thirty-one photos in my Flickr

Photo Set.


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