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View From Colossal Cave: Vail, Arizona   Leave a comment

Cave-0868 Dave Katelyn Jaxon Kate NickView From Colossal Cave: Vail, Arizona (Children and Grandchildren: Dave, Katelyn, Jaxon, Kate, and Nick) — Image by kenne

Broken Fence   Leave a comment

Peloncillo MountainsBroken Fence — Computer Art by kenne

Society is indeed a contract. Subordinate contracts for objects of mere occasional interest may be dissolved at pleasure – but the state ought not to be considered as nothing better than a partnership agreement in a trade of pepper and coffee, calico, or tobacco, or some other such low concern, to be taken up for a little temporary interest, and to be dissolved by the fancy of the parties. It is to be looked on with other reverence, because it is not a partnership in things subservient only to the gross animal existence of a temporary and perishable nature.

— Edmund Burke

Spring In Tanuri Ridge   Leave a comment

Palo Verde (1 of 1) blog IISpring In Tanuri Ridge (May 2, 2016)  — Image by kenne

Palo Verde blossoms are in full bloom all over Tucson.


El Nino Clouds Moving Into Tucson   1 comment

El Nino Clouds (1 of 1) blogSunset with El Nino Clouds Moving Into The Tucson Basin (January 3, 2016) — Image by kenne

Rain is forecasted for the week.

Apple Annie’s — Grunge Art   2 comments

Apple Annie's (1 of 1) grage art blogApple Annie’s — Grunge Art

Ornate Tree Lizard On Olive Tress   Leave a comment

Ornate Tree Lizard (1 of 1) blogOrnate Tree Lizard on Olive Tree — Image by kenne

Difficult to see

Black, gray, brown matches the tree

Until there’s movement.

— kenne 

Doubtful Canyon — Revisited   1 comment

Doubtful Canyon Fisheye Art Oil Paint-Recovered blogDoubtful Canyon in the Peloncillo Mountains (December 2012) — Fisheye Art by kenne

Riding the stagecoach
Days of Geronimo past
Through Doubtful Canyon.


(We will be driving through the Peloncillo’s today, May 12, 2015, on our way from Ft. Stockton to Tucson.
First posted December 8, 2012)

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