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Praying Mantis Egg Casing   Leave a comment

Egg Caseing-DSC_4424-72Praying Mantis Egg Casing — Image by kenne

This praying mantis egg casing was probably created late last fall. Here in southern
Arizona, they are commonly found on mesquite tree branches. Each casing holds up
to 200 eggs, which hatch approximately eight weeks after the eggs are laid. Tiny
praying mantis nymphs will emerge through the narrow slits of the egg case. Unless
you can find the small nymphs (1/8 inch), it is impossible to tell if the egg cases have
actually hatched — the egg case will not change in appearance.

— kenne

The Desert Land   Leave a comment

Milagrosa Loop-0743-Edit-72“The Desert Land” — Image by kenne

The Lure of the Desert Land

A Little Bit Of Southeast Texas In Southern Arizona   Leave a comment



Azalea-4-72Japanese Azalea — Images by kenne

Our potted azalea plant has lost a lot of its leaves over the last couple of years,
but it’s still healthy enough to bloom this for us here in the desert.
Often it’s the little things that bring so much enjoyment
here reminding us of the years we spent in southeast Texas.

— kenne

The Window of Yesterdays   5 comments

bunk house boots in window (1 of 1)-2-art-72“Window of Yesterdays” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Window Of Yesterdays

Like Cinderella’s
Glass slipper

Only one shoe
Had the right fit.

In life’s early years
It took time
For the right fit —
Trying on
Many different shoes
Before the music
Brought us together.

Slipped into you

Tying you
To my body –

Only you
Could get so close.

Have walked

Many miles
Not always in step
But at the start of each day
You were there.

Supported each step
Through the good times
When we danced together
And the bad times
When the music stopped.

Over the years
I knew
Where we were going
You knew
Where we had been
As our
Have now worn thin —
Held together by twin
Only now expressing
The secret face
Of our enter selves.

Having been seduced
By a lover’s
Darkest kiss
No longer laced together —
Merely to be left behind
In the window
Of yesterdays
Kissed only
By tomorrow’s sun.

— kenne

Winter Fenceline Painting   Leave a comment

Winter Fenceline-Edit-3-art-blogSouthern Arizona Winter Fenceline Painting by kenne

I love fences
while loving
a reflection
of my being
in a world
of contrasts
and opposites.

— kenne

Cattle Watering Hole In Southern Arizona — Pay Me Now, Or Pay Me Later   Leave a comment

Cattle at Watering Hole-Edit-1-painting-blogCattle Watering Hole In Southern Arizona — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Once beautiful desert grassland,
Now destroyed by cattle raising 

On land unable to sustain 
The native desert environment

Draining the groundwater levels in a
World of “pay me now, or pay me later.”

— kenne


Desert Mountains   Leave a comment

Mountain View (1 of 1)-2-art-2 blogDesert Mountains of southern Arizona — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Towards the blue mountains,
a place shadowed by dark spaces
leaving a sort of a loneliness —
instead a Zen window where
thoughts become poetry
though never in a book
where true poems flee
into a world of deep silence.

— kenne

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