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Greater Roadrunner — Big Guy On The Ground   Leave a comment

MMM 02-04-13Greater Roadrunner — Image by kenne


The Passage Of Time   6 comments

Saguaro Cactus B&W blog“Statue of Death” — Image by kenne

All time is created equal,
but we don’t use it equally.
Some are livin’ on Tulsa time,
while others in a New York minute.

My time is your time,
but it is not mine to give.
You can’t give away
something that isn’t yours.

…unless you share the moment.

— kenne

“some moments are nice,
some are 
some are even worth

writing about.” 

― Charles Bukowski, War All the Time

I Stare At Shadows   2 comments

Romero Pools“I Stare At Shadows” — Image by kenne

I stare at shadows,
looking for answers
in deep caverns
of my soul,
only to see them
blurred by others
as water
in the stream
of life
rushes by.

— kenne

January Wildflower   Leave a comment

Ned's Nature Walk -- 01-1-09-13January Wildflower, Little Lemon Head (Coreocarpus arizonicus) — Image by kenne


Desert Mockingbird   Leave a comment

Desert Mockingbird blogDesert Mockingbird in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

We cannot all see life in the same way.

— kenne

Wintering In The Canyon   9 comments

Ruby Crown Kinglet blogFemale Ruby Crowned Kinglet in Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Right now, for reasons I have not been able to decern, pain is causing me to spend less time in Sabino Canyon. Months ago, before I got injured, I used to hike from one place to another, moving and accomplishing much. But now, no matter how much I try there is a voice slowing me down, bringing me home to this deeper wisdom that I am. A deeper wisdom is great, but I’m still trying to understand if the deeper wisdom is worth the trade-off.

— kenne

Sunrise In The Canyon   2 comments

Sunrise (1 of 1) blogSunrise in Sabino Canyon Recreational Area — Image by kenne

This morning the canyon is closed.
The government has shut down again.
Still, the sun comes up unaware as
Shadows move among the coyote or deer — 
Watch me rise and go.

— kenne

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