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Brittlebush Trail   1 comment

Brittlebush Blossoms-Edit-1-painting blogDecember Brittlebush Blossoms In The Canyon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

My pace is slower
Hiking Sabino Canyon
On the trails I love.

I keep on hiking
Driven by native senses
To record nature.

— kenne

Black Saddlebags Dragonfly — Two Photos   Leave a comment


Dragonfly Black Saddlebags-blog.jpgBlack Saddlebags Dragonfly — Images by kenne


After the Rains   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon (1 of 1)-painting-blogAfter the Rains (Bear Canyon Trail in Sabino Canyon Recreational Area) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Bear Canyon Trail
Leads the way to many
Sabino Canyon trails
Providing many options 
For winter desert hikers.

Visitors and snowbirds
Flock to the canyon
To escape cabin fever,
In the Sonoran Desert
Sharing Instagram photos.

— kenne


Left Alone   1 comment

Wild Cotton Blossom-blogWild Cotton Blossom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

I’m left alone 
to face a blossom
in the darkness — 
preparing an image.
A busy day inside.

— kenne

Greater Roadrunner — Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Greater Roadrunner-art-blogGreater Roadrunner — Grunge Art by kenne

He is a joker
Not a singer, he just clicks
To get attention.

— kenne

I Don’t Know One Damned Butterfly From Another   1 comment

Lyside SUlphur Butterfly (1 of 1)-blogImage by kenne


Dream Song 265: I Don’t Know One Damned Butterfly From Another

I don’t know one damned butterfly from another
my ignorance of the stars is formidable,
also of dogs & ferns
except that around my house one destroys the other
When I reckon up my real ignorance, pal,
I mumble “many returns”

next time it will be nature & Thoreau
this time is Baudelaire if one had the skill
and even those problems
At the mysterious urging of the body or Poe
reeled I with chance, insubordinate & a killer
O formal & elaborate I choose you

but I love too the spare, the hit-or-miss,
the mad, I sometimes can’t always tell them apart
As we fall apart, will you let me hear?
That would be good, that would be halfway to bliss
You said will you answer back? I cross my heart
& hope to die but not this year.

— John Berryman

Sabino Canyon Sunrise   Leave a comment

Sunrise-blogSabino Canyon Sunrise — Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon
Celebrates another day
Life continues on.

— kenne

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