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There’s A Reason Why The Sonoran Desert Is Called A Lush Desert   1 comment

This time of year Picacho Peak State Park is an excellent example of the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert.
Plants are at the greenest and wildflowers provide dots of color on the desert canvass.

The canvass of the desert
may appear to have no order.
Yet it is orderly,
but we don’t know why.

A poet has said;
If you want to know
where the flowers came from,
not even the spring goddess knows.

— kenne

Panorama west of Picacho Peak-72.jpg

Images by kenne


Desert Lupine   1 comment

Desert Lupine-72Desert Lupine — Image by kenne

We walk
the lower canyon
after spring rains.
The creek
runs swiftly 
mountain snow pelt.

beginning to leaf,

cover the ground —

a new cycle of life.

— kenne

Out Of The Darkness, Into The Sunshine   1 comment

lupin (1 of 1) blogDesert Lupine — Image by kenne

Out of the darkness
Signs of spring begin to rise — 
Liberated, free.

Poppy (1 of 1)-Recovered blog

Now I see poppies
Brightening the desert fields — 
Now I’m satisfied.

— kenne

Lupine Wildflower On Mt. Lemmon   Leave a comment

Lupine-1913 II blogLupine Wildflower on Mt. Lemmon (June 9, 2017) — Image by kenne


The Sonoran Desert In Bloom   1 comment

Southerland TrailMexican Poppies and Desert Lupines Blooming in the Sonoran Desert — Image by kenne

Lavender, Blue and Yellow   Leave a comment

lavender-blue-and-yellow-collage-blogLavender, Blue and Yellow — Image by kenne

Desert Lupine Scattered Here And There   Leave a comment

Desert Lupine (1 of 1) art blogDesert Lupine — Photographed in Sabino Canyon by kenne

You can find this beautiful wildflower in the Sonoran Desert below 3,000 feet. A member of the Pea Family, lupines have distinctive flowers with one petal on top and two on the bottom.

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