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Lupine In The Desert   1 comment

Lupine In The Desert — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“I hold no preference among flowers, so long as they are wild, free, spontaneous.”

— Edward Abbey

There’s A Reason Why The Sonoran Desert Is Called A Lush Desert   1 comment

This time of year Picacho Peak State Park is an excellent example of the biodiversity of the Sonoran Desert.
Plants are at the greenest and wildflowers provide dots of color on the desert canvass.

The canvass of the desert
may appear to have no order.
Yet it is orderly,
but we don’t know why.

A poet has said;
If you want to know
where the flowers came from,
not even the spring goddess knows.

— kenne

Panorama west of Picacho Peak-72.jpg

Images by kenne


Desert Lupine   1 comment

Desert Lupine-72Desert Lupine — Image by kenne

We walk
the lower canyon
after spring rains.
The creek
runs swiftly 
mountain snow pelt.

beginning to leaf,

cover the ground —

a new cycle of life.

— kenne

Out Of The Darkness, Into The Sunshine   1 comment

lupin (1 of 1) blogDesert Lupine — Image by kenne

Out of the darkness
Signs of spring begin to rise — 
Liberated, free.

Poppy (1 of 1)-Recovered blog

Now I see poppies
Brightening the desert fields — 
Now I’m satisfied.

— kenne

Lupine Wildflower On Mt. Lemmon   Leave a comment

Lupine-1913 II blogLupine Wildflower on Mt. Lemmon (June 9, 2017) — Image by kenne


The Sonoran Desert In Bloom   1 comment

Southerland TrailMexican Poppies and Desert Lupines Blooming in the Sonoran Desert — Image by kenne

Lavender, Blue and Yellow   Leave a comment

lavender-blue-and-yellow-collage-blogLavender, Blue and Yellow — Image by kenne

Desert Lupine Scattered Here And There   Leave a comment

Desert Lupine (1 of 1) art blogDesert Lupine — Photographed in Sabino Canyon by kenne

You can find this beautiful wildflower in the Sonoran Desert below 3,000 feet. A member of the Pea Family, lupines have distinctive flowers with one petal on top and two on the bottom.

Capturing The Moment — Botta’s Pocket Gopher   2 comments

Botta’s Pocket Gopher — Images by kenne

This little guy was busy gathering elegant lupine within a two foot radius of her den. She would slink out, nip a lupine and back straight back into her hole in the ground.A sensitive tail helps her feel her way as it runs backwards into her hole. (Click here for more information.)


Horned Lizard Near Desert Lupine   2 comments

Horned Lizard & Lupine (1 of 1) blog

Horned Lizard (1 of 1) blog

Horned Lizard Near Desert Lupine — Image by kenne

Hiding in the shade

Protected from danger’s threat

Safe evocation.

— kenne

Desert Chicory and Desert Lupine Share A Rocky Place   Leave a comment

chicory & lupin (1 of 1) blogDesert Chicory and Desert Lupine Share A Rocky Place — Image by kenne

Sharing a place
part of nature’s design,
yet by accident.

Was it a random act,
part of a grand experiment
of how nature works

On a stage
where all things
play out in space and time?

but for the moment,
it’s all about now

That gives us
beautiful wildflowers
blooming every spring.

— kenne


Poppies Along The Phoneline Trail In Sabino Canyon   7 comments

Phoneline Hike-0553-2 PoppiesMexican Poppies Along The Phoneline Trail In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Phoneline Hike-0528 blogMexican Poppy and Desert Lupine Wildflowers Along The Phoneline Trail — Image by kenne

Most Sonoran desert wildflowers are annuals, which are short-lived even when there’s timely rain. Sabino Canyon has had no rain since December 20th.  Oddly enough, limited rain and a short lifespan helps ensure survival in the desert. With the lack of rain and warmer than normal temperatures the annuals have been quickly sprouting and blowing before the dryness and heat kills the plant. 


“To see a world
in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wildflower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour.”

— William Blake

Desert Flower   6 comments

King Canyon To Wasson PeakBlue Lupine & Yellow Poppies — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Desert Flower
by James F. Harrington

You are like a garden oasis,
blooming in the dry desert.
Your heart is warmer than the center of the sun.

Your soul glitters like moonlight!
I want to take you into my arms,
rush to my white Arabian charger,
and together we will ride
into the dark blue indigo night!

We would gallop past golden minarets,
through all of time,
past all memories,
until we reach the peaceful,
quiet serenity of Jannat.

 There we would settle down,
under the soothing,
cool shade of jade colored olive trees.

I would sing to thee my songs of love.
We would lay on a carpet that possessed magical qualities.
Ripe fruit would be in abundance.
We would be forever in paradise.

Capturing The Moment — Lavender, Blue And Yellow   5 comments

New Mexico Thistle — Image by kenne

Lavender, Blue, and Yellow

Standing tall above

the golden poppies

and blue lupines

grows a warlike flower,

several inflorescences

branching  from the summit,

near the dusty paths

of the Sutherland Trail.


Bees move independently

through the fields

of  blue and yellow,

only the diligent

tunneling into

the cushion of lavender

before the arrival

of the painted ladies.

— kenne

Mexican Poppies and Desert Lupines in Catalina State Park — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Sutherland Trail In The Spring Time   Leave a comment

Mexican Poppies and Desert Lupine along the Sutherland Trail in Catalina State Park — Image by kenne

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