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Sonoran Desert Flora   5 comments

Wildflowers (1 of 1) blogSonoran Desert Flora — Image by kenne


Brittlebush Blooming Everywhere In Picacho Peak State Park   1 comment

Picacho Peak State Park Panorama (1 of 1)

Brittle Bush (1 of 1)-12 blog

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-4-2 blogBrittlebush Blooming Everywhere In Picacho Peak State Park — Images by kenne
Friend, Tom Markey and I spent a recent morning hiking in the Park and so much is in full bloom.
This posting focuses on brittlebush images with many more wildflowers to come.
Click here to see more brittlebush images in a slideshow format.

Poppy Season In The Sonoran Desert — Gold On The Mountains   1 comment

Poppy (1 of 1) blog

Poppy (1 of 1)-2 blog

Wildflowers (1 of 1)-2 blogMexican Gold Poppy Images by kenne

 Wildflowers abound

With plenty to go around —

Gold on the mountains.

— kenne

Ocotillos Are Beginning to Leaf In The Sonoran Desert   3 comments

Ocotillo, Desert’s “Gray Sticks” are Beginning to Turn Green — Images by kenne

Arizona Blue Eyes   2 comments

Arizona Blue Eyes (1 of 1) blog

Arizona Blue Eyes (1 of 1) -2 blog

Arizona Blue Eyes (1 of 1)-2 blog

Arizona Blue Eyes Along The Pima Canyon Trail (February 9, 2015) — Images by kenne

The Sonoran Desert Is Turning Into A Sea Of Floral Yellow   3 comments

Brittlebush Blooming In The Sonoran Desert — Images by kenne

With good rains earlier this month the Sonoran desert is beginning to explode into a colorful display that changes the brown desert landscape into a sea of floral yellow. With a little rain, this common desert scrub will begin to bloom and will do so almost year round. I last posted brittlebush blossom images two months ago.


Jojoba Blooms In Pima Canyon   Leave a comment

Creek (1 of 1)-2 jojoba blogMale Shrub in Bloom (February 9, 2015)

jojoba (1 of 1) female blogSeeds from Last Year on Female Shrub — Images by kenne

The jojoba male plant blooms in late winter and the female plants ripen their acorn-shaped and sized seeds in summer. Click here for more information.

— kenne

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