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Yellow Flower — Creating a New Consciousness   Leave a comment

Balboa Park Flowers-1973 blog“Yellow Flower in Circles and Squares” — Image by kenne

Sometimes to appreciate beauty
it must be taken out of context
to capture a new perspective
based on my love of nature, sex
and life in a new consciousness
for the flower is neither
a subject nor an object
apart from being a flower.

— kenne


Short Yellow Flower   Leave a comment

Desert MuseumYellow Flower — Computer Painting by kenne

Short yellow flower

From sunflower family

Loves his tall brother.

— kenne

No Names   Leave a comment

butterfly-1-of-1-2-art-ii-blogButterfly on Yellow Flower — Computer Art by kenne

No Names

I don’t know the flower or the butterfly’s name,
sometimes it’s not important when the art
is created for posterity not for a reference book.

On this late afternoon in early November,
as the slanting sun reflects off the patio
glass top table putting a stop to my work,

it was not that long ago that I would surrender
to the sun, retreating to the shade of the olive
tree before it became only a long shadow,

moving to the breeze, over the doves atop
the adobe wall as they gather the nerve
to fly down to the patio water fountain.

I thought of other autumn days whose shadows
are not limited to early morning and late afternoon,
deepening the blue of the north sky over the mountains.

Slowly the contrasting earth and sky colors
are giving way to dusk, an exalted dwindling light
going down, time rendered in magentas and mauves

as the bleeding canyon shadows now void of light
an illusion neither above or below the canyon rifts —
night and day always together yet forever apart.


Bee On Yellow Flower   1 comment

flower-bee-1-of-1-blogBee On Yellow Flower — Image by kenne

Yellow in my eye

Wings on my shoulders to fly

Work until I die.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment In A December Desert   3 comments

Desert Marigold  (1 of 1) blogDesert Marigold (December 5, 2014) — Image by kenne

I know this beautiful

yellow flower,

Marigold by name.

Not sure about

the butterfly,

so I Googled it.

Still not sure,

so I will

pass on it.

— kenne


Flower and Bee — CSU Trial Garden   1 comment

Flower Garden (1 of 1)-3 blogFlower and Bee, Colorado State University Trial Garden (September 13, 2014) — Image by kenne

Wildflowers And Bees — Nature’s Perfect Combination   2 comments

Patio Sunset September 2013--5 art framed blogImages by kenne

The Flower And The Bee

A beautiful yellow flower 
Resting in the meadows 
Amongst the other flowers. 
A bright yellow daffodil 
At the crest of the hill 
Watching over the roses 
Spellbindingly stole, the eyes 
Of the buzzing bee. 
He liked what he saw 
In this little dainty flower, 
Who took her beauty from the land 
And was as radiant as the sun 
Having its yellow colors too. 
The happy little bee, 
Flying drunkenly to her; 
Started to ponder – 
‘She is a beautiful flower, 
Placed high upon the hill, 
All the other bees see her, 
Would she welcome me, 
To taste of her nectar? ’ 
Then he continued to fly, 
With other bees as passersby.. 
He landed on her petals 
And he danced on her sepals 
And he tasted of her nectar. 

 — Leslie Alexis

Patio Sunset September 2013--5 BLOG

Capturing The Moment — Hooker’s Evening Primrose   Leave a comment

Sunset Trail HikeHooker’s Evening Primrose — Image by kenne

A lady of the evening

beckoning in the twilight breeze

along the highway of curves

always tender to the stroke

opening enticing arms

not asking very much

just a one night stand

changing color by daylight

kissed by the mountain dew.


Capturing The Moment — Yellow Cactus Flower III   3 comments

TestImage by kenne

This cactus flower is from a potted cactus that has been blooming since mid-April — hard to believe, but loving it!

Capturing The Moment — Yellow Cactus Flower   2 comments

Test“Yellow Cactus Flower” — Image by kenne

Flowers are not meant
to last forever,
so we cherish
the moments.

Most cactus flowers
last only a day
leaving behind
beautiful memories

for those fortunate
to gaze  upon them
in the early
morning sun

while others
share the moment
what they see.

3c470c52879d8feb0bf041741dbd13d6Georgia O’Keeffe, Yellow Cactus Flower, 1929


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