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Cactus Flower   2 comments

Morning Cactus FlowerCactus Flower — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“I feel that a real living form is the natural result
of the individual’s effort to create the living thing
out of the adventure of his spirit into the unknown —
it has where experienced something — felt something —
it has not understood — and from that experience
comes the desire to make the unknown — known —

Making the unknown — known — in terms of one’s medium
is all-absorbing — if you stop to think of the form — as form
you are lost — The artist’s form must be inevitable —
You mustn’t think you won’t succeed –“

— Georgia O’Keeffe in a letter to Sherwood Anderson, 1923

Cactus Flower 98   Leave a comment

Cactus Flowers (1 of 1)-2-art blogCactus Flower 98 — Image by kenne

Cactus flower 98
could have been 
102, or 
any other number —
I just like the way
98 sounds.

— kenne


Cactus Flower Art   1 comment

Cactus Flower (1 of 1)-5_art blogCactus Flower — Computer Art by kenne

If people were like flowers
I could enjoy them more.


Make The Best Of Your Day   1 comment

Prickly Pear Blossom (1 of 1) Art blog“Make the Best of Your Day” — Image by kenne

make the


of your


on life’s


— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Yellow Cactus Flower III   3 comments

TestImage by kenne

This cactus flower is from a potted cactus that has been blooming since mid-April — hard to believe, but loving it!

Capturing The Moment — Yellow Cactus Flower II   2 comments

Test“Yellow Cactus Flower II” — Image by kenne

Cactus flower 2

Yellow in the morning sun

Wilted by day’s end.


Capturing The Moment — Yellow Cactus Flower   2 comments

Test“Yellow Cactus Flower” — Image by kenne

Flowers are not meant
to last forever,
so we cherish
the moments.

Most cactus flowers
last only a day
leaving behind
beautiful memories

for those fortunate
to gaze  upon them
in the early
morning sun

while others
share the moment
what they see.

3c470c52879d8feb0bf041741dbd13d6Georgia O’Keeffe, Yellow Cactus Flower, 1929


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