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Mexican Fritillary Butterfly   4 comments

Box Springs TrailMexican Fritillary Butterfly on Mahogany Milkweed — Image by kenne

The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.

— Robert M. Pirsig

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Mt. Lemmon Panorama- blog Meadow Trail on Mt. Lemmon — Panorama by kenne

Profound commitment to a dream does not
confine or constrain: it liberates.
Even a difficult, winding path can lead
to your goal if you follow it to the end.

— Paulo Coelho




Our Zen Fountain — July 11, 2008   5 comments

(First Posted July 11, 2008)Zen Fountain


The Water Flows

It’s hard for me to believe that it was six weeks ago
when I ordered the materials and began the preliminary
preparation for a fountain in our backyard.
There are many reasons why so long,
not the least of which was the delayed delivery of
the fountain pedestal, which finally can in yesterday.  

By working with nature, you can look into your own nature.

“The secret of life is enjoying
the passage of time
Any fool can do it”


(Project Photos)

Images by kenne

“Everybody is ‘you’. Everybody is ‘I’. That’s our name. We all share that.”

— Alan Watts

You, George Carlin — A Postscript, June 24, 2008   1 comment

(First Posted June 24, 2008)(I love this Associated Press photo of George Carlin, so I’m sharing it with the following poem.)

You, George Carlin

George Carlin
were a genus
among geniuses
an original

George Carlin
found your voice
by being out of step
and using two-way words

George Carlin
spoke for us
yet to find our voices
as we recognize truth

George Carlin
causing us to listen
knowing freedom
to exercise our demons

George Carlin
observed our institutions
making nothing off-limits
developing lists of our follies

George Carlin
bridged the generations
making funny faces
becoming the voice of Fillmore

George Carlin
were a provocateur
self-expressed new wave,
remaining old school

George Carlin
Made radio human
with sorted disc jockeys
and the hippie dippy weatherman

George Carlin
made words heard
but never believed
now everyone else will listen

— kenne

“In America, anyone can become president. That’s the problem.”

— George Carlin

(P.S. The N.Y. Times had a great article on Carlin.  Click here.)

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Columbine On Box Camp Trail, June 2013   1 comment

Box Camp Trail 06-28-13Columbine On Box Camp Trail, June 29, 2013 — Image by kenne

There can only be one solution to any problem: a change in attitude and in consciousness.

— Gregg Braden



Two-Tailed Swallowtail Butterfly Art   4 comments

Southern California September 2012Two-Tailed Swallow Butterfly (Papilio multicaudata) On Mexican Bird of Paradise  — Image by kenne

“Every man’s foremost task
is the actualization of his unique, 

unprecedented and never-recurring potentialities,
and not the repetition of something that another, 
and be it even the greatest, has already achieved.”

― Martin Buber


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Home Sweet Home 2014-4730 still life blogHome Sweet Home — Computer Art by kenne

Home is not where you live but where they understand you.

— Christian Morgenstern


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