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Luminous Abstract Art In Blue   2 comments

Abstract Art III blogLuminous Abstract Art in Blue by kenne

Continuing the theme in blue on this Sunday morning, I share this jazzy version of Gershwin’s, “Rhapsody in Blue” by the Ted Rosenthal Trio. A perfect followup after a morning walk in the desert — so soothing and jazzy! After listening, sit back and savor the music of the void.

— kenne

Rhapsody in Gershwin

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Untitled — Computer Art by kenne
(First posted, October 2008)

. . . ?

honey on the muffin

refuse to jump

heat all around

drop to show

reset question position

big-bang theory

in fine print

barely enough

monkey on TV

between hot and cold

broken winged bird

glass half full


Soleri Figure Geometriche   1 comment

Arcosanti -1812 art II Soleri Figure Geometriche blogSoleri Figure Geometric — Computer Art by kenne

When Earth’s Last Picture Is Painted

When Earth’s last picture is painted,
And the tubes are twisted and dried,
When the oldest colors have faded,
And the youngest critic has died,
We shall rest, and faith, we shall need it —
Lie down for an eon or two,
‘Till the Master of all good workmen
Shall put us to work anew!

And those that were good shall be happy
They’ll sit in a golden chair;
They’ll splash at a ten-league canvas
With brushes of comet’s hair;
They’ll find real saints to draw from —
Magdalene, Peter, and Paul;
They’ll work for an age at a sitting
And never be tired at all!

And only the Master shall praise us,
And only the Master shall blame;
And no one will work for the money.
No one will work for the fame.
But each for the joy of the working,
And each, in his separate star,
Shall draw the Thing as he sees It.
For the God of Things as They Are!

— Rudyard Kipling

Blackberry Season In East Texas — Photo Essay   Leave a comment

Blackberry Season In East Texas — Photo Essay by kenne

A walk in East Park

Thick woods where the swamp drains

Into the river.

— kenne

Shapes In Search Of Their Void   Leave a comment

Bernhardt Winery Ezra Charles 5-31-09Shapes In Search Of Their Void — Abstract art by kenne

“The more horrifying the world becomes, the more art becomes abstract.”

– Paul Klee

Solar Rock — Computer Art   Leave a comment

Tosh Lawrence Nature WalkSolar Rock (First Posted January 2013) — Computer Art by kenne 

I like to believe that science is becoming mainstream. It should have never been something that sort of geeky people do and no one else thinks about. Whether or not, it will always be what geeky people do. It should, as a minimum, be what everybody thinks about because science is all around us.

— Neil deGrasse Tyson

Thought — First Posted December 4, 2005   Leave a comment

artwall-vii-blog“Thought” — Computer Art by kenne (December 2005)

Don’t give up your power to think!

You may care not to admit it, but we all spend time thinking about our relationship to the universe, and all things that are connected with that. However, because of divergent forces inside each of us, you may spend time running from yourself.

Some of the ways you run from yourself are becoming focused on vicarious experiences, such as reading a mystery novel or playing computer games. You might also join a religion or political movement.

These acts involve little to no risk since there is little chance of your connections with others becoming an objectification of who you really are. There is much evidence to show that running from self-behavior is the result of an attitude managed by the dominant side of your brain.

You’re probably beginning to think, “. . . now we are going to get some of this right brain/left brain b— s—!” Don’t worry, no brain theory this time.

However, call it what you may (left brain/right brain, head/heart, male/female sides, yin/yang, intellect/intuition), we all have exhibited behavior based on attitudes of self-associated with the “head” — analytical, systematic, logical, objective, or intellectual. In our culture, organized groups (institutions) reinforce this behavior. You are told how “smart” you are; how “orderly” you are; how “logical” you are. You are considered well grounded — what better for group identity!

On the other hand, if your behavior is considered coming from the “heart” — impulsive, artistic, romantic, creative, daring or intuitive — your behavior is looked upon as being unrealistic, unreliable, unstable and unfocused. “She’s not a responsible child, but she’s happy and a lot of fun,” people would say.

The point is that an enormous number of forces exist inside of you between the head and the heart, which are struggling for control of yourself. These forces can cause you to take the path of least resistance — allowing one side to win over the other. For instance, the dominate side will choose between opposites in a two-dimensional relationship. One can represent harmony, the other conflict; the two basic forms of human interaction. Selecting between these two opposites results in zero communication and the desolation of self.

On the other hand, you can take the path least traveled — pushing the head and heart together, not allowing one side to win. The result of pushing harmony and conflict together is the creation of a third dimension, which represents autonomous and creative communication among others and the true development of self. By allowing one side to win over the other, you draw a line between “what you think” and the “power to think.” The power to think only exists in this third dimension.


Left Brain, Right Brain Magic:

While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number “6” in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why? It’s a mystery!

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