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Fallen Leaves On The Ground   Leave a comment

Leaves-art-blogFallen Leaves — Abstract Art by kenne

The mountain leaves
Now cover the ground
Shadows of limbs.

— kenne

Yellow Cactus Blossom   1 comment

Cactus Flower-Edit-1-art-blogYellow Cactus Blossom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

A new perspective
Change the nature of nature
A new dimension.

— kenne

Duck On Pond   Leave a comment

Duck and Dried Weeds-art-blog-II“Duck On Pond” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“As long as you do not know how to die and come to earth again,
you are but a sorry traveler on this earth.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Little Bit Of This, Little Bit Of That   2 comments

Aspen Loop, hiking, Mt. LemmonAbstract Art — Digital Art by kenne

Little bit of this
Mixing it all together
Little bit of that.

— kenne

Cactus Digital Art — Existing in Absurdity   2 comments

Barrel Cactus-3522 art blogCactus Digital Art — by kenne

Life, art, and logic are full of absurdities of various kinds.
We conceptualize absurdities when we
discuss square circles and circular squares.
It is art that is able to provide a mediator
between the strange and the real.


“The creative act is only an incomplete and abstract moment in the production of a work.”

— Jean-Paul Sartre


Alternative State of Being   4 comments

Aria-0964 Abstract II blogVegas Nights — Abstract Art by kenne

To be good
is to be what
others want
you to be
not what you
want to be —
I try but
it’s not easy.

To believe
is to believe in
what others want
you to believe
not the truth
don’t question
you must just
have faith.

To be a fixture
in the presence
of others
just be there
as what they
want you to be —
play the role
expected of others.

To be smart
but not to think
outside the box
thinking is for
philosophers, or
they are the real
thinkers not

the common people
whose rights are
written only to be
judged against
when acted out
in an alternative
country, not an
alternative state of being.

— kenne

Gathering The Fragments Of Life   3 comments

Gene @ Drafter'sGathering the Fragments — Image by kenne

If we believe that ”becoming is superior to being,” then the process of becoming is that of “gathering up the fragments,” so that we may become whole. Whatever has been broken, whatever has been missing, whatever has been disconnected, whatever has been lost, needs to be gathered.

As in the universe, all fragments dance in harmony as we move forward in time. Nothing is truly ever lost. We either choose not to see them, or the original act has crossed beyond the horizon.  Either way, these fragments are no longer a part of what we may perceive to be real.  We can change this perception by allowing what we see to include the eyes of others.  For Roy H. Williams (Wizard Academy) looking through the eyes of others we are able to see the world as it truly is, a bright mosaic.

Bright mosaics are made
from gathered fragments.

Broken. Colorful. Unique.
Just like the pattern of your life.

Negotiate your broken places.
They allow for new connections.

Appreciate the weirdness of your past.
It adds color to your future.

Celebrate your personal heritage.
It beats the hell out of whining.

The cookie crumbs are as important as the cookie.

— kenne

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