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4th Avenue Street Art, Tucson — Images by kenne

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Street Fair Art — Photo-Artistry By kenne 

I use Photoshop

To transform images to art

Pleasing to the eye.

— kenne

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Street Fair Food — Image by kenne

You try not to stop

When food looks and smiles so good

How can you say no?

— kenne

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4th Avenue Street Fair, Tucson, Arizona — Image by kenne

No chance of rain here

walking down the avenue

from booth to booth

dodging people not looking

bands playing on a nearby stage

stopping for a beer and a snack

only to photograph people eating.

— kenne

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4th Avenue Street Fair Musician (Tucson, 12/12/14) — Image by kenne

I believe that ignorance is the root of all evil.
And that no one knows the truth.

— Molly Ivins

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Pena & Kenne-II-Edit-2-art-72Peña & Kenne — Photo-Artistry by kenne

We met only once

years after buying

a Pena painting

that continues

to transform

our living area —

it doesn’t

get any better

than this

even though

it may often

go unnoticed.

— kenne

Street Musician At The 4th Avenue Street Fair   2 comments

Street Fair March 2019-11-Edit-art-2-72.jpgStreet Musician at the 4th Avenue Street Fair (March 23, 2019) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

He plays for tips

As people pass by

Living the blues.

— kenne

4th Avenue Street Fair — River of People   1 comment

Street Musician4th Avenue Street Fair, Spring 2019 Addition 
— Images by kenne

spring festival
people walking
meeting friends

drinking beer
stop for food
display booths
art or junk
you decide
smile and laugh
keep moving
keep moving
keep moving

— kenne

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4th Avenue Street Fair Fall 2012Hanging Art Work — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Walking by the booth
Colorful spinning artwork
Just walking on by.

— kenne

What’s The Good Of It?   Leave a comment

worker-0121-blogImage by kenne


He had short patience for scientific study:
All they want to know is why frogs croak.
It’s a philosophical opposition,
his believing in things as only themselves
and the intrusiveness of explanations.
I can’t begin to tell you how much he hated ballet.
What’s the good of it?
He liked The Flintstones and wrestling.
Frogs croak.
Otherwise he liked things that could be
lifted and stacked and put into place.
He thought best with his hands.
He built clocks, cradles, worked a lathe.
He took the world’s measure.
He was good and he was of it.

— Lee Upton

Tucson’s 4th Avenue Street Fair — Spring 2016   Leave a comment

4th Avenue Street Fair US Fries (1 of 1) blogTwo Contestants in US Fries Poutine Eating Contest — Images by kenne

More than 400 artists and food venders from across the U.S. in this year’s spring 4th Avenue Street Fair. This semi-annual (Fall and Spring) fair draws crowds of 200,000 to 350,000 and ranks as one of the top visual arts fairs in the country. With the beautiful spring weather this weekend, a record crowd is expected. This year more than 20 percent of them are brand new to the show. 

One of the new attractions this spring was a food-eating contest put on by US Fries. Contestants were challenged to eat as many poutine dishes (a Canadian dish that consists of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds) as possible within five minutes. 

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4th Avenue Street Fair Fall 2012

What can I say, some people just have a street fair food need. — Images by kenne

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Sabino Canyon Colors Dec 2013-9126 blogShopping At The 4th Avenue Street Fair — Image by kenne

Oilcloth can protect

Whatever you might expose —

Should I buy or not?


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4th Avenue Street Fair Spring 2013

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4th Avenue Spring Street Fair — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Street Fair Food   2 comments

4th Avenue Street Fair Spring 2013

4th Avenue Street Fair Spring 2013

4th Avenue Street Fair Spring 2013

4th Avenue Street Fair Spring 20134th Avenue Street Fair, Spring 2013 — Images by kenne

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