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Ukulele ‘Catfish’ Keith   1 comment

Ukulele ‘Catfish’ Keith — Image by kenne

Jazzy tunes from the streets wafting through the window
Make me dance, fill my head with warm mist
Rhythmic drum beats and bold, steady percussion sound
Get my mind in a tangled up twist

All these tunes in a mix with some everyday sounds
Makes the city a musical place
Sounds of traffic and shouting and talking and walking
Intermingled with alto and bass

— from Street Music by Cicero Grey

Street Fair Musician   Leave a comment

4th Avenue Street Fair Musician (Tucson, 12/12/14) — Image by kenne

I believe that ignorance is the root of all evil.
And that no one knows the truth.

— Molly Ivins

Street Musician   Leave a comment

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization

it expects what never was and never will be.”

— Thomas Jefferson

Toulouse & Royale   1 comment

Toulouse & Royale-72

Toulouse & Royale-2-72New Orleans Street Band at Toulouse & Royale (03/10/04) — Photos by kenne

Springtime in the

French Quarter

Royale lined with

shops and galleries

closed to vehicles,

opened to walkers

bring on the music.

— kenne

She Always Stands Out In A Crowd   2 comments

New Orleans 1 Street Music Color Me on Royale-Edit blogColor Her On Royale Street — Photo-Artistry by kenne 

I have found some color in this black and white world, have you?

— kenne

“In a black and white world, true colors show.”

Fat Tuesday   3 comments

New Orleans (1 of 1)-3_art blog

New Orleans (1 of 1)-2_Art blogStreet Music In The French Quarter — Computer Art by kenne

Street celebrating

Party all day through the night

Fat Tuesday closure.

— kenne

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New Orleans Bourbon Street--4 Art blog framedNew Orleans Street Band (December 29, 1999) — Images by kenne

Shading dark eyes, grinds out the melody,
Pulverized music! — In his garb and air
I read of sunnier lands beyond the sea,
And, dreaming, wander to a fairer clime,
Recalled, too suddenly, by — ‘If you please, a dime!

— from Street Music by Elizabeth Akers Allen

New Orleans Bourbon Street--5 art blog

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