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Big Bubbles — Photo Essay   Leave a comment

Big Bubbles (Balboa Park, San Diego, June 21, 2017) — Images by kenne
(Click on any image for a larger view in a slideshow format.)

Chasing big bubbles

You can look but not touch

Art and pretty girls.

— kenne

Desert Marigold   1 comment

Desert Maragold-2753 blog

Desert Maragold-2756 blogDesert Marigold in Our Yard (June 19, 2017, Tucson, Arizona, 115 degrees)– Images by kenne

Four months without rain
Wildflowers have come and gone
Tell this wildflower.

— kenne

Upper Butterfly Trail Panoramas   1 comment

Butterfly Trail Panorama blog-

Butterfly Trail Panorama--3 blog

Butterfly Trail Panorama--2 blogUpper Butterfly Trail in the Santa Catalina Mountains — Panoramas by kenne

Mountains dry and hot

Hot for the Catalinas

Bring on the monsoon.

— kenne

Indian Paintbrush Computer Art   Leave a comment

Indian Paintbrush art blogIndian Paintbrush Computer Art by kenne

Mountain Wildflowers

Spring on the mountains
Without rain only a few
Scattered here and there.

— kenne

Queen Butterfly — Remember Me   Leave a comment

. . . with each encounter, 

Queen Butterfly-1717 blog

Bear Canyon Trail-1728 blogQueen Butterfly — Images by kenne

i pick
up your breath and
remember me

— Sonia Sanchez


Great-Tailed Grackle   Leave a comment

Great-tailed Grackle Grung Art blogGreat-Tailed Grackle — Grunge Art by kenne

The great-tailed grackle
Is one fucking precocious bird
Always making noise.

— kenne

Queen Butterfly Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Queen Butterfly-1356 blogQueen Butterfly — Grunge Art by kenne

My queen for a day

Three doors from which to choose art,

Which door will she choose?

– kenne

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