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Decatur Street   Leave a comment

New Orleans 2007Computer Art by kenne (December 2007)
The 5th time I have posted this image on my blog.

Decatur Street

bending with age

fading colors
open shutters
flower pots

weathered walls
street artists

coffee and beignets
Café du Monde
House of the Blues
Decatur Street

once Levee Street
Decatur Street
Mississippi River

— kenne


Decatur Street Painting Ten Years Out   Leave a comment

New Orleans 2007Decatur Street, New Orleans — Computer Painting Reframed Ten Years Out

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

— Joseph Campbell

New Orleans — Sensitivity   3 comments

new-orleans-street-intensity-recovered-blog-iiComputer Painting (New Orleans, December 2014) and video by kenne

I was born on the edge of the big muddy flow
my daddy was French, my mother creole
I’m slow and heavy underneath the sun
but I’m more than willing when the night time comes
I’m a well known street, I’m a marching drum
I’m a dancer, a preacher, a sophisticated bum
I’m a wild tchapatoula, a dice rolling judge
I’m a barker tryin’ to fool you into a late night club

I am the Big Easy I been hit by a storm
brought to my knees have mercy lord
I got soul I got heart
all alone I’m coming out of the dark
I am the Big Easy

— from I am The Big Easy by Ray Bonneville

Video: Ray Bonneville, “I am the Big Easy,” Ken & Mary’s Blues Project, Porter, Texas, November 2009.


Corner of Bourbon & Orleans   Leave a comment

New Orleans Bourbon Street Art V Johnny White's  blog-Johnny WHite’s Bar & Grill at the Corner of Bourbon & Orleans — Computer Art by kenne

“Light and music pour from doorways into the street,
here the carnival and there the quiet of candlelight.
A celebration of flesh, and an acknowledgement of the spirit.”

Bourbon Street Trash   2 comments

New Orleans Bourbon Street Art IV blog-Bourbon Street Trash — Computer Art by kenne

Bourbon street trash
stacked for pick-up
captured without a flash
part of my street mockup.

I don’t like to rhyme
and as you can tell
it’s a waste of my time
since I don’t excel.

My words are trash
They could stand a tune-up
from Mr. Balderdash,
which would make it a tossup.

— kenne

New Orleans In The Rain   3 comments

New Orleans 2007  Grunge Art blogNew Orleans In The Rain — Grunge Art by kenne

Pirate Alley   Leave a comment

New Orleans Ally (1 of 1)_art blogPirate Alley, Jackson Square, New Orleans (December 28, 2014)
— Computer Painting by kenne

Clouds hide the morning sun
cobble stones still wet
from a passing shower —
the poet is sighing.

The cathedral bells ring
pigeons flying off
leaving their home —
the poet is sighing.

I can lose myself
in the French Quarter
in an endless embrace —
the poet is sighing.

The deep darkness
of alleys behind iron gates
guarding tropical courtyards —
the poet is sighing.

There goes a jazz tune
from a lone musician
not seen, but heard —
the poet is sighing.

We make our way
down to the square where
artists hang their painting —
the poet is signing.

Morning life in the square
repeats again and again
the movement of generations —
the poet is signing.

A child of the mist
catches by attention
in my camera’s eye —
the poet is signing.

We bookmark each moment
looking at you again,
renaissance and me —
the poet is signing.

— kenne

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