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The Existential Man Would Have Been 81 Today   2 comments

Tom Turner in an Existential Moment — Image by kenne

“If thought corrupts language,
language can also corrupt thought.”

— George Orwell

He gazes through the 
rained soaked window
into his confused mind.

Lonely in the moment
turning his head away
from my open hand.

He was not prepared
to be rejected and
broken up by life.

— kenne


A Rose Can Lift the Soul   1 comment

A Rose Can Lift the Soul — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Two days of gray skies

are not welcoming

when spring is near —

a rose can lift the soul.

— kenne

Looking At The Unbearable   2 comments

Francisco Goya, from The Disasters of War Series (First Edition of 1863) — National Galleries of Scotland

In 1994, Susan Sontag wrote in Transforming Vision — Writers On Art, edited by Edward Hirsch, on The Disasters of War by Francisco. 

“The images are relentless, unforgiving. That is, they do not forgive us—who are merely being shown, but do not live in the house of pain. 
The images tell us we have no right not to pay attention to pay attention to the crimes of this order which are taking place right now.
And the captions—mingling the voices of the murders, who think of themselves as warriors, and the lamenting artist-witness—mutter and wail.
The problem is despair. For it is not simple that this happened: Zaragoza, Chinchon, Madrid (1808-13). It is happening Vucovar,
Mostar, Srebrenica, Srebrenica, Stupni Do, Sarajevo (1991–   )
.” Note: The images and captions are meant to awaken, shock, rend. Yet the list of wars continues with Ukraine.

“Here in the words of some of the captions is what  they show:

One cannot look at this.
This is bad.
This is how it happened.
This always happens   .
There is not one to help them.
With or without reason.
He defends himself well.
He deserved it.
Bury them snd keep them quiet.
There was nothing to be done and he died.
What madness!
This is too much!
Nobody knows why.
Not in this case either.
This is worse.
This is the absolute worst!
It will be the same.
All this and more.
The same thing elsewhere.
Perhaps they are of another breed.
I see it.
And this too.
Truth has died.
This is the truth.”

Douglas Spring Trail   Leave a comment

Douglas Spring Trail — Image by kenne

On a chilly desert morning

we walk into sun rising

over the Rincon Mountains

in Saguaro National Park East.

— kenne

Desert Windmill   1 comment

Desert Windmill — Image by kenne

Windmills hypnotize

See adventure and magic

Don Quixote complex.

— kenne

Top Two Shelves In Our Study   Leave a comment

Top Two Shelves In Our Study — Image by kenne

There are moments

down deep inside

when I scream — 

Nobody gets in

to see the wizard

not nobody, 

not no how.

— kenne

Shadows In The Canyon   Leave a comment

Shadows In The Canyon — Image by kenne

The sun hit the sides of the rock, creating shadows that swallowed the canyon trail as we hiked the canyon.

Looking left and right, we took a deep breath to appreciate where we are.

There are certain places that have the energetic power to serve as a teacher.

The canyons of the Santa Catalina Mountains are exactly that.

It’s a place that requires no words but can provide untold lessons.

It’s a place that will challenge your perspective without asking anything from you.

— kenne

Death On The Trail   Leave a comment

The Cycle of Nature Moves On — Image by kenne

Nothing is really never dead if you look at it right.

Kenne D. and Kenne G.   Leave a comment

Kenne David and His Dad at 8th Wonder Brewery (December 27, 2022) Image by Janie

“All that is transitory is but a metaphor.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now What?   Leave a comment

 Image by kenne

Now what?


Artist Painting In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

Artist Painting In Sabino Canyon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

In The Beauty Created By Others

Only in the beauty created
by others is their consolation,
in the music of others and in others’ poems.
Only others save us,
even through solitude tastes like
opium. The others are not hell,
if you see them early, with their
foreheads pure, cleansed by dreams.
That is why I wonder what
word should be used, “he’ or “you.” Every “he”
is a betrayal of a certain “you” but
in return someone else’s poem
offers the fidelity of a sober dialogue.

— Adam Zagajewski

HOUSTON 6:00 P. M.   Leave a comment

Sam Houston Park in Houston — Image by kenne

Poetry summons us to life, to courage
in the face of the growing shadow.
Can you gaze calmly at the Earth
like the perfect astronaut?

Our of harmless indolence, the Greece of books,
and the Jerusalem of memory there suddenly appears
the island of a poem, unpeopled;
some new Cook will discover it one day.

— from HOUSTON, 6 P. M. by Adam Zagajewski

Silent Morning On A Catalina Foothills Rainy Day   Leave a comment

Silent Morning On a Catalina Foothills Rainy Day– Image by kenne

Summer of 2007   Leave a comment

Summer of 2007 — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Summer of 2007

Friends place on the lake

Hot-humid Texas day

Perfect halter-top weather

For my gypsy woman —

Imagine her nipples

You don’t have to think

Just let the passions flow

The odds are there to beat.

— kenne

Sunset Over The Tucson Mountains   Leave a comment

Sunset Over The Tucson Mountains — Image by kenne

I look at a sunset

and begin to wonder

what is the relationship

between the senses

and matters of beauty,

art and taste responding

one’s feelings and emotions?

The quality of being.

— kenne

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