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Daughter’s Delight — Love Is In The Air   Leave a comment

My mother, Agnes, talking to son, Tom as granddaughter, Katie looks on (04/11/04) — Image by kenne 

Love is in the air

A narrative not needed

The eyes tell it all.

— kenne

Far Away, But Always Close To My Heart   Leave a comment

Katie David & Me (1 of 1) art blogKatie, Kenne G. and Kenne D. in Bryan, Texas (Early Eighties) — Image by Mary Ann

“You can’t know who you are until you know where you are.”

— Wendell Berry

Happy Birthday, Kate   3 comments

Katie Painting blog b-w framed collageImage by kenne

May you never stray from the true path of who you are as you continue your amazing journey. 


With much love,


Capturing The Moment — “28 Weeks”   Leave a comment

Nicholas & Katie – “28 Weeks” — Image created from Katie’s photo on Facebook

Katie has placed images of herself at various stages of pregnancy since the eighth week. In her 28th week she also did one with Nicholas, from which I created the above image. Click here to see her images.


Capturing The Moment — Katie’s Missed Sunset   Leave a comment

Katie’s Missed Sunset, One Day After She Returned To Ft. Collins — Image by kenne

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Capturing the Moment — The Bailey’s at The San Xavier Mission   Leave a comment

Katie, Matt & Nick at the San Xavier Mission — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — When Daughter and Grandson Play Together   1 comment

Image by Katie via iPhone

Art is the one thing that makes you feel alive.


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A Day Trip Into The Rocky Mountain National Park   2 comments

Joy, Nicholas & Kenne — Image by kenne

Katie & Nicholas -- Image by kenne

While in Fort Collins for Matt’s graduation, some of us took a day trip to Estes Park and a drive into the Rocky Mountain National Park. This part of Colorado is such an attractive area, which offers a lot of beauty and things to do, regardless of the time of year. With his cousins  having returned to Texas, Nick stilled seemed very happy to spend the day with Mom and grandparents. He is very much the little man.

Although we have seen Nick, Kate and Matt several times in the last two-plus years, it was August 2008 that I was last in Ft. Collins and Estes Park. As you can see from the photo on the right, Nick is still a hansom little guy at twice the age. The photo was taken above Estes Park. To be honest, I prefer the summer time in the mountains. My interest in skiing is over.

Hopefully, we will be seeing them again this spring in Tucson.


(Photo Set)

Capturing the Moment — Katie   1 comment

Katie, the Girl – Katie, the Woman

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Kika & Niko   2 comments

Kika in my office. Image by kenne

Now that Kika, our new rescued mixed-siamese cat has been with us for four months, I’m learning how much she is like the first mixed-Siamese cat Mary Ann and I got in the summer of 1966 in Okinawa. He lived to be 18 and is pictured with Katie in the image below. Like most tomcats, Niko was bigger with a broader chest and head, but otherwise the two are very much alike. Oh yes, Niko was more of a “talker” than Kika.

We still miss Kiko, but Kika has done a very good job of filling the void.


Katie & Niko Image by kenne (the original may have been taken by Mary Ann)

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Rummaging Through the Garage   Leave a comment

Katie & David & Me SQ blogKatheryn D., Kenne G. & Kenne D. – 1980

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Bailey’s In Houston   Leave a comment

Nick & Kate Visit August 2009  7456 - 2009-08-08 at 15-13-09 blogNick and Kate

Kate, Matt and Nick are visiting from Ft. Collins and we were able to do some family time yesterday. (Photo set.)


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Katie’s Pen & Ink Drawings   4 comments

kate-profile-8377Kate may have an MBA from the academic world, her work may be in the analytical world, but her real world may lie in the world of art. Since Katie and I are both on Facebook, the other day she wrote on my wall: “Dad have you been looking at my pen and ink drawings I have been posting? They are under my photos :-)” Here are some examples of what I found, and of course, I like them.





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Katie Turner Bailey’s Notes   Leave a comment

s742829779_1172873_8377Just in case you are not on Facebook, I thought I would share Kate’s notes with you. Just click here!


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Memorial Day, May 26, 2008   1 comment

Matt Bailey (In Center)

(On this Memorial Day, I share the following from daughter, Katie Bailey.)

A short story for everyone…..

Shortly after Matt started going to classes this spring at CSU he decided to check out the Air Force ROTC program. As some of you guys know, last spring Matt tried to join the Air Force Reserve. He had to lose about 40 lbs and he did so. He went back to get weighed and measured knowing he was going to make the weight and the recruiter said there is a new rule this year….No tattoos below the elbow that can be seen but if you already have some they can not be vulgar or cover more than 25% of the arm. Matt as you know has a couple of tats below his elbow….one being a cross with Nick’s bday and the other a tribal tattoo down his arm that he got while serving in Saudi Arabia, which was the one in question. He had to get pictures taken so the recruiter could send them to the higher ups to be approved or not approved. A week later she calls and says “No, you can not join because of your tattoo.” Matt, as might have guessed, was pretty ticked off with all the work he had done to lose the weight and to have them say no. Even though he was also prior military service it didn’t matter. So life went on….we moved up here and he talked to the Captain, Major and Colonel here at CSU for the Air Force ROTC program. He then had to lose the weight again and they told him that his tattoo was not vulgar and didn’t cover up 25% of his arm so he should be fine. So he made the weight and joined the Air Force ROTC program this spring. He also decided to join the Wing Walker Pershing Rifle Honor Guard. For those of you that don’t know they are the group of people that honor CSU, UNC, and surrounding areas. Today, they honored soldiers that were lost in battle at the Rest Haven Memorial Garden in Fort Collins. And I wanted to share a few pictures from our chilly morning. I am very proud to be the wife of a man that has the biggest heart I know and sacrifices his time for others!

Happy Memorial Day!

The Bailey Family

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