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Silhouettes by Katie   2 comments

Silhouette granddad and jaxon blogkenne and Grandson Jaxon

Silhouette granddad and Jaxon - 2 blogkenne and Grandson Jaxon

silhouette katelyn blogGranddaughter Katelyn

Silhouette katelyn - 2 blogGranddaughter Katelyn
(iPhone Images by Katie Turner Bailey)

During the week of March 12th, son David, granddaughter Katelyn,
daughter Katie, grandsons Nick and Jaxon visited Joy and me in Tucson.
Each day would end watching the sunset from the patio.
On several occasions, Katie took images with her iPhone.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Grandsons In Ft. Collins   7 comments

Nick ad Jax with Mom and Cousins at home in Ft. Collins (June 13-15, 2014) — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — “28 Weeks”   Leave a comment

Nicholas & Katie – “28 Weeks” — Image created from Katie’s photo on Facebook

Katie has placed images of herself at various stages of pregnancy since the eighth week. In her 28th week she also did one with Nicholas, from which I created the above image. Click here to see her images.


Nicholas, Kate and ?   Leave a comment

Nicholas, Kate and ? Source: Kate’s Facebook Page

A baby brother will be arriving in May!

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A Day Trip Into The Rocky Mountain National Park   2 comments

Joy, Nicholas & Kenne — Image by kenne

Katie & Nicholas -- Image by kenne

While in Fort Collins for Matt’s graduation, some of us took a day trip to Estes Park and a drive into the Rocky Mountain National Park. This part of Colorado is such an attractive area, which offers a lot of beauty and things to do, regardless of the time of year. With his cousins  having returned to Texas, Nick stilled seemed very happy to spend the day with Mom and grandparents. He is very much the little man.

Although we have seen Nick, Kate and Matt several times in the last two-plus years, it was August 2008 that I was last in Ft. Collins and Estes Park. As you can see from the photo on the right, Nick is still a hansom little guy at twice the age. The photo was taken above Estes Park. To be honest, I prefer the summer time in the mountains. My interest in skiing is over.

Hopefully, we will be seeing them again this spring in Tucson.


(Photo Set)

Capturing the Moment — Nicholas in Texas   Leave a comment

Nicholas — image by kenne

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The Teachable Moment   2 comments

The Teachable Moment blog

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Nicholas & Katelyn   Leave a comment

Nicholas & Katelyn Art II blog

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Nick, Katelyn & Kate Come for Dinner   Leave a comment

Kate Nick & Katelyn August 2009 Nick blogNicholas Bailey

The evening before Kate and Nick fly back to Ft. Collins, they came by with Katelyn for you fun, food and loving. (Photo Set)


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A Picture of Pride   Leave a comment

Kate Nick & Katelyn August 2009 2009  A Picture of Pride blog

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Nicholas Bailey — Connect to His Blog   Leave a comment

We Are Linked To The Littl’ Bug

Nicholas’s mom (Katie) is great about sharing photos of the Bailey Family, far away in Fort Collins, CO.

If you want to see what the Bailey’s are up to, click on Littl’ Bug on the Blogroll.  Now if we could only get others in the family to start using technology to share and reduce the distance between love ones.  But not to frat, I will keep pursuing.


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