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My Sky Is Full Of Passion   1 comment

Sunset Photos 10-17-12My Sky is Full of Passion — Image by kenne


“Farewell, faithful explorer.”   2 comments

Sunsets 12-06-15-9804 blogImage by kenne

“There are times in this world when things just line up
when everything is just about perfect.
A child’s laugh, a desert sunset and this morning.
It just couldn’t have been better,” 

said Cassini spacecraft program manager Earl Maize as the spacecraft tumbled out of control while plummeting more than 76,000 mph into Saturn.

“Farewell, faithful explorer.”

Desert Monsoon Sunset Panorama   1 comment

Monsoon Sunset Panorama- blog IIMonsoon Sunset in the Catalina Foothills — Panorama by kenne


Desert Monsoon

The clouds are stacking up high
In that clear blue afternoon sky
Turning the scorching sun to mere silver lining
Raising a cool hope in all desert being
Is that the long-awaited monsoon coming? 
Who would know? 
The wind blows westward steadfast
Giving the convoy of clouds a warm piggyback 
But who knows when…? 
The clouds will turn into precious monsoon rain
Or just evaporate spontaneously once again! 

Oh monsoon rain
You kept us all in clear suspense
Desert being are dreaming of you for so long
Are you, or are you not visiting us soon? 

The clouds have covered the June evening sky
Colored light brown like bowl of boiled rice
Signaling monsoon rain may be on its way
Sooner we can hope for something real nice! 


— Tushar Ray


Monsoon Sunset   Leave a comment

Monsoon Sunset-3409-2 blogSunset After the First Monsoon Rains (July 10, 2017)– iPhone Panorama by kenne


It’s Hot!   Leave a comment

Red Sunset (1 of 1) blogImage by kenne

It’s hot
No monsoon rains
White flags
Waving in windows
No need to explain.

— kenne


Not Waiting For The Monsoon   1 comment

Waiting for the Monsoon blogImage by kenne

Each day we move on

because life doesn’t wait.

— kenne



Sunset Wall Panorama   Leave a comment

Sunset Tow ImagesSunset Wall Panorama by kenne

Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add color to my sunset sky.

— Rabindranath Tagore

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