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Clouds Over The Catalinas   Leave a comment

Clouds Over The Catalinas — Image by kenne

The first month of the monsoon has not been good for Tanuri Ridge. It seems as if it has been raining
only somewhere else. For the month of July, we have received only about an inch.

— kenne

Butterflies And Desert Flowers After Monsoon Rains   2 comments

Surphur Butterflies on Creosole Bush Blossoms In Sabino Canyon (July 27, 2021) — Images by kenne 

The recent monsoon rains have greened up the canyon, bringing out a lot of butterflies.
Unfortunately, I only had my 18-70 mm lens, so trying to photograph
the mostly surphur butterflies became challenging.

— kenne

Monsoon Strom Over The Mountains   1 comment

Monsoon Strom Over The Mountains — Image by kenne

monsoon strom comes forth

building over the mountains

much needed rain falls

— kenne

Talk Of Rain Coming   1 comment

Rain 8-24-10Rain Clouds At Sunset — Image by kenne

rain clouds at sunset
talk of rain coming

creeks and washes dry
talk of rain coming

maybe not today
talk of rain coming

maybe tomorrow
talk of rain coming

rain clouds without rain
talk of rain coming

talk of rain coming
talk. . .

— kenne

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