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Japanese Azalea Blossom   1 comment

Azalea-3568 - II Phooto-Artistry blogPotted Japanese Azalea Blossom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Azaleas usually bloom in the spring, but this year here in Tucson it took the monsoon rains for our Japanese to bloom. This is my celebration photo.

— kenne

Biplane Making a Turn Over Tanuri Ridge   Leave a comment

Bi-plane Making a Turn Over Tanuri Ridge 7815 blogBiplane Making a Turn Over Tanuri Ridge — by kenne

In the heat
of the day
I heard a sound
in the west,
not a common
in the air today.
It’s hay day 
was during WW II,
now the biplane
can be seen
at air shows
still able to maneuver
as it did
hundred years ago
only now trilling
on the ground.

— kenne



Patio Sunset, June 28, 2010   3 comments

First Patio Sunset Image June 2010 blogPatio Sunset, June 28, 2010 — Image by kenne
The first of many sunsets I have captured from our Tanuri Ridge patio.

Sunset # ***

How do you describe a sunset

when they’re all beautiful?

Yet, they are all different

and deserving of expression.

Try as I may,

words become redundant,

depleted of feeling,

left only with the silence

of nature’s best

at the end of the day —

Sunset # ***

— kenne

Summer Water Stop   3 comments

Birds On The FountainSummer Water Stop — Image by kenne

Summer water stop
Before resting in the shade
From the mid-day sun.

— kenne

Tanuri Ridge Sunset   Leave a comment

Tanui Ridge sunset Panorama blog-Tanuri Ridge Sunset — Panorama by kenne

More clouds moving in
Nearing the monsoon season
It’s out there somewhere.

— kenne

Holiday On The Patio   1 comment

Sago Palm-3529 blog

Sago Palm-3529 B&W blogHoliday On the Patio — Organic Photography by kenne

is everywhere
you look,
unless you
count air.

A photographer
is first a viewer
looking for
in shapes.

kinds of shapes

on the message
the moment.

— kenne



Big Bird On The Patio Wall   Leave a comment

Roadrunner-0283 art blogGreater Roadrunner — Digital Art by kenne

Here he comes again
Bird on the patio wall
Stalking a lizard.

— kenne

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