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At peace in my memory   Leave a comment

An Artist Working With Glass — Photo-Artistry by kenne

At peace in my memory, heavenly body, circumference, boundary,
you cry on the shores of a horse’s eye.
. . . that never reaches the sea

But no one in the  darkness will be able to give you distances,
only sharpened limits: diamond future.
. . . that never reaches the sea.

While the people look for pillowed silences,
you pulsate forever, defined by your ring.
. . . that never reaches the sea.

— from Little Girl Drowned in the Well by Federico Garcia Lorca

Mexican Fruit Stand   2 comments

Mexican Fruit Stand — Image by kenne

    No one eats oranges
in the full moon’s light.
Fruit must be eaten
green and ice-cold.

    At the rise of the moon
with its hundred faces alike,
silver coins
sob away in pockets.

— from The Moon Appears by Federico García Lorca

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We Walk On An Unsilvered Mirror   Leave a comment

Puerto Penasco Sunset — Photo-Artistry by kenne


We walk on
an unsilvered
a crystal surface
without clouds.
If lilies would grow
if roses would grow
if all those roots
could see the stars
and the dead not close
their eyes,
we would become like swans.

— Federico García Lorca

Creosote Seed Pod   2 comments

Creosote Seed Pod — Image by kenne

If the blue sky is a fantasy,
what will become of innocence?
What will become of the heart
if Love has no arrows?

And if death is death,
what will become of poets?
and things in a cocoon
which no one remembers?
Oh sun of hopes!
Clear water! New moon!
Dull souls of stones!
Today I sense in my heart
a vague tremor of stars
and all roses are
as white as my sorrow.

— from Autumn Song by Federico García Lorca

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