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Our Global Water Crisis   1 comment


RainbowNicaraguan Women Pumping and Carrying Water to Their Families — Images by kenne

In 2007 I had an opportunity to visit a rural Nicaraguan water project that is part of the Rainbow Network. When it comes to the availability of water, it’s on the backs and heads of women. Even when hand driven water pumps are made available, it is the women who pump and carry the water back to their communities.

The practice of women being responsible for finding and collecting water for drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning is common in many countries. ” They walk miles, carry heavy burdens, wait for hours and pay exorbitant prices. The work is back-breaking and all-consuming. Often the water is contaminated, even deadly. In these instances, they face an impossible choice – certain death without water or possible death from illness.” You can learn more about women and the water crisis at

Living in southern Arizona one is frequently reminded of the need for sustainable water sources, and global warming will continue to challenge our ability meet water needs. An article in today’s New York Times, “A Parched and Sinking Capital — Mexico City’s Water Crisis Pushes It Toward the Brink,”  is one more reminder of the social, economical and health issues caused by the water crisis.

— kenne

RainbowRural Nicaraguan girls start at a young age carrying water for their families.



Ornate Tree Lizard   Leave a comment


tree-lizard-sunning-0654-blogOrnate Tree Lizard — Image by kenne

This ornate tree lizard appears to have come out of his winter home to catch some morning sun in Sabino Canyon. The lizard is darker than normal, allowing for more absorption of the sun.

The hole and pipe are in a large rock and was originally a source of drinking water for visitors to the dam area of Sabino Canyon.

— kenne

Hiking Into Dark Clouds   Leave a comment

clouds-ahead-0660-blog-iiSCVN Friday Hike on Esperero Trail (February 17, 2017) — Image by kenne

A mostly cloudy morning with
sunlight breaking through
over the Tucson basin as we
begin our hike into the mountains
heading into rattlesnake canyon,
first hiking up, then down through
three canyons creating a 
breathtaking rollercoaster hike.

Starting as on group, the pace
soon divides us into three groups
as hikers settle in on their own pace
created by elevation changes
and stopping to shed layers of clothing
as the temperatures increase
and the sun begins to break through
deep blue cracks in the desert sky.

— kenne


Turkey Vulture   Leave a comment

turkey-vulture-blogTurkey Vulture — Image by kenne

I’m a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all.

— Debbie Harry

Old Pueblo Cactus & Windows   Leave a comment

Tucson Folk Festival 2013Old Pueblo Cactus & Windows — Image by kenne


I’m a Hispanic because that’s what I’m branded…
I’m not a race I’m but a culture…
I’m but a mixture conquered by vultures…
I’m these urban streets that flow within me…
I’m from an island that I rarely see…
I’m born and bred a natural survivor…
I’m not a color for that’s a divider…
I’m but a being spirit real strong…
I’m but a mixture African, Indian, White…
I’m but a person blessed with true sight …
I’m but a warrior prepared for a fight…
I’m but a culture my race is all mixed…
Spaniards on a quest that came over on ships…
I’m but of mixed slaughtered beautiful races…
Embedded with this language from foreign places …
I Speak a language that came from blood shed…
The Indian and African in me will never be dead…
I’m a loud voice a candle that burns…
I’m but a sponge that absorbs as I learn…
I’m but a culture a bunch of lost tribes…
I am what I am till the day I die…

— Carmen Castro

Female Phainopepla Painting   Leave a comment

Bear Canyon 2013Female Phainopepla — Computer Painting by kenne

The cool wind blew in my face
and all at once I felt as if I had
shed dullness from myself.
Before me lay a long gray line
with a black mark down the center.
The birds were singing.
It was spring.

— Burl Ives

Cooper’s Hawk Painting   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon 06-09-12Cooper’s Hawk — Computer Painting by kenne


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