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Painted Lady Butterfly   Leave a comment

Painted Lady Butterfly — Image by kenne

All things flourish, and each returns to its source.

— Lao Tzu

Arizona Sister   Leave a comment

Arizona Sister — Image by kenne

Arizona girl

A large brown/black butterfly

Big sister to some.

— kenne

Giant Western Swallowtail   Leave a comment

Giant Western Swallowtail In Tanuri Ridge — Image by kenne

And that behind Orpheus’ laments shines 
the glory of having seen, however fleetingly,
the unattainable face at the very instant it turned away . . .

— Michel Foucault

Queen On Palmleaf Mistflower   Leave a comment

Queen Butterfly On Palmleaf Mistflower — Image by kenne

Every young plant springing
         into heavy air,
one’s self up, out
         from the core
                   as if earth’s got
too hot
          for anyone to tough
                    too much;
much as the much-sung lark
          climbs higher,
                     outsinging where
branches spread and flare
           like ravelled wire-
                     ends or one’s hair
in an electric charge might
           upstand, lift, as some
                      wire prancer’s parasol
might parachute and drift
           you gentle down to ground
                       once more.

— from Summer Sequence by W. D. Snodgrass

Dorantes Longtail Butterfly   Leave a comment

Lilac-banded Longtail or Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes) — Image by kenne (October 2, 2022)

This is the first time I’ve seen, and photographed Lilac-banded Longtail or Dorantes Longtail (Urbanus dorantes), a butterfly of the Hesperiidae family. It is found from Argentina, north through Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies to southern Texas and peninsular Florida.
Strays can be found as far north as northern California, southern Arizona, southern Missouri and southern Georgia. — Source: iNaturalist

Morning Visitor   1 comment

Two-tailed Swallowtail On Meyer Lemmon Tree — Image by kenne

I don’t know why

but I’m pleased

swallowtails seem

to love our patio

Meyer lemon tree

making it easy for

me to set nearby

photographing these

beautiful butterflies.

— kenne

Pipevine Swallowtail On Mt. Lemmon   Leave a comment

Pipevine Swallowtail On Mt. Lemmon Trail — Image by kenne

The trailhead next to power transformers,
A path next to a chain-linked fence.
Converging rocky paths lined by ferns,
One with vistas of the valley below
The other, with a hill of pines singing, soon
Opening to a grassy meadow of wildflowers.

— kenne

Empress Leilia Butterfly Painting   Leave a comment

Empress Leilia Butterfly Painting — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Fall creeping through a dusty sky

Another wind blown gray shadow 

The piercing thorns tear at wings

Yellows and oranges muscling loose

Only someday to tire of the journey

Knowing the winds inevitable gyre.

— kenne

Broad-banded Swallowtail Visit Lemon Plant   2 comments

This Morning a Broad-banded Swallowtail Visited Our Potted Lemon Plant on the Patio — Images by kenne

Southern Dogface # 7   Leave a comment

Southern Dogface # 7 — Image by kenne

The southern dogface is a common butterfly this time of year here in Tucson,
and they are especially attracted to the Mexican Bird of Paradise blossoms. 

Though nothing can bring back the hour      

Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;     

      We will grieve not, rather find     

      Strength in what remains behind; 

      In the primal sympathy    

      Which having been must ever be;

      In the soothing thoughts that spring       

      Out of human suffering;   

      In the faith that looks through death,     

In years that bring the philosophic mind.

— from 536. Ode Intimations of Immortality by William Wordsworth

Great Western Swallowtail Butterfly   3 comments

Great Western Swallowtail Butterfly — Photo Essay by kenne

with one tail missing

the swallowtail stays on track

not missing a beat

— kenne

Western Giant Swallowtail   Leave a comment

Western Giant Swallowtail — Images by kenne


a floating lightness
effortless Waving..
a particle transforming
black to yellow
then to thin air..
lighting on shrub
but not really..
energetic reminder
empty space
is not empty…

— CharlesC

Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly   2 comments

Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly — Image by kenne

The great purple hairstreak, Atlides halesus (Cramer), is a fascinating butterfly.  Although its preferred
and most frequently used common name is great purple hairstreak, it does not have any accurate purple
coloring. A few publications use the name great blue hairstreak, which is more appropriate.
I spotted this guy on our patio

— kenne

Southern Dogface Butterfly   Leave a comment

Southern Dogface Butterfly — Image by kenne

Life is so full of rough edges –

small tasks and expectations

that scratch you bloody

and remind you that

you’re naked and alone.

— Alexis Hall

Butterfly & Flower — One Of My Favorite Past Images   1 comment

Butterfly & Flower (October 15, 2014) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Colors of summer
Brilliant under a blue sky
Attract butterflies.

— kenne

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