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Southern Dogface Butterfly Art   Leave a comment

Southern Dogface — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Therefore am I still
     A lover of the meadows and the woods,
     And mountains; and of all that we behold
     From this green earth; of all the mighty world
     Of eye and ear, — both what they half-create,
     And what perceive; well pleased to recognize
     In nature and the language of the sense,
     The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,
     The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul
     Of all my moral being.

— from Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour by William Wordsworth 


Texas Crescent Butterfly   Leave a comment

Texas Crescent Butterfly — Image by kenne

I like writing about where I am,
where I happen to be sitting,
the humidity or the clouds,
the scene outside the window—
a pink tree in bloom,
a neighbor walking his small, nervous dog.
And if I am drinking
a cup of tea at the time
or a small glass of whiskey,
I will find a line to put it on.

— from In the Room of a Thousand Miles by Billy Collins

Texas Crescent Butterfly Art   Leave a comment

Texas Crescent Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Butterfly On The Rocks   Leave a comment

Arizona Sister Butterfly (08/16/13) — Image by kenne

In deep shady canyons within the Sonoran Desert and more commonly at higher elevations the Arizona Sister
is a common and welcome sight. The caterpillars use a variety of oak species as a host plant.
In the photo at left there are two adult Arizona Sister butterflies drawing sap from a wound in the trunk
of an old oak tree. A closer look will also reveal two additional butterflies, well camouflaged.
The two are Asterocampa leilia, Desert Hackberry Butterfly.

Golden Banded Skipper   Leave a comment

Golden Banded Skipper — Image by kenne

The golden banded-skipper has many similar species in its range such as
the Sonoran banded-skipper (Autochton pseudocellus), the Sierra Madre
banded-skipper (Autochton siermadror), the Chisos banded-skipper
(Autochton cincta), the dark-fringed banded-skipper (Autochton vectolucis),
the spiky banded-skipper (Autochton neis), the two-spotted banded-skipper
(Autochton bipunctatus), the sharp banded-skipper (Autochton zarex), and
the narrow banded-skipper (Autochton longipennis). — Wikipedia

Southern Dogface Butterfly   Leave a comment

Southern Dogface Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Southern Dogface Butterfly is a frequent visitor at flowers and damp soil in riparian habitats
in the Sonoran Desert but is very wary and not easily approached. When alighted the wings
are normally held verticle over the body, obscuring  the dogface pattern on the top side of the forewing.

Nais Metalmark   2 comments

Nais Metalmark Butterfly — Image by kenne

There are several species of small butterflies with an orange-brown base color, marked with black,
white and brighter orange. The metalmarks such as this one also have some metallic-looking specks
that are visible with changing light angle.

Marine Blue Butterfly   Leave a comment

Marine Blue Butterfly — Image by kenne

This butterfly can be identified as a Marine Blue by the narrow cream and broader brown bands
on its ventral wing surfaces and the two small eye-spots on the hindwings.

Is It A Queen Or Monarch Butterfly?   Leave a comment

Is It A Queen Or Monarch Butterfly? May Guess, Queen. — Image by kenne

Similar, to monarchs, queens (Danaus gilippus thersippus) migrate in and out of the desert southwest.
Unlike monarchs, queens can be abundantly common in the desert southwest of central to SE Arizona west to California.

Butterfly On The Mountain   Leave a comment

American Snout Butterflies   Leave a comment

American SnoutAmerican Snout Butterflies — Image by kenne

A Butterfly Morning In The Mountains   1 comment

Western Branded SkipperWestern Branded Skipper — Image by kenne


on the forest floor


a new life and


new life on the go —

buds not yet open.

— kenne

A Beautiful Painted Lady   1 comment

Painted LadyA Beautiful Painted Lady — Image by kenne

Painted Lady,

elixir of


true love of


under exquisite


in the shadow of


remembering all


— kenne

Butterflies On Host Plant   3 comments

Tiny CheckerspotTiny Checkerspot Butterflies (Aspen Loop, 07/08/13) — Image by kenne

Tiny checkerspots

Showing love to the host plant

Before moving on.

— kenne



Echo Azure Butterflies   3 comments

Echo Azure ButterfliesEcho Azure Butterflies — Image by kenne

I usually spot these butterflies on mountain trails mud-puddling in a damp part of the trails.

— kenne


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