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Buckbush Butterfly Moments and Fire On The Mountain Poetry   2 comments

Marine Blue-2846 blogMarine Blue Butterfly On Buckbush Blossoms
Marine Blue-2850 blogMarine Blue Butterfly On Buckbush Blossoms
Lupine Blue-2844 blogLupine Blue Butterfly On Buckbush Blossoms -- Images by kenne

Fire On The Mountain

Down valley a smoke haze
Rises above the Catalinas
Six days of fire and heat
After 100 days of no rain.

I try to remember the smell of rain
Of mid-afternoon thunderstorms 
In the Sky Islands of my beautiful desert
Nurturing wildflowers and butterflies.

I turn and go back to Mt. Lemmon
Thinking of the recent moments
Hiking with friends through young 
        aspens and pines
        caught on steep ridges
Between heaven and earth.

-- kenne 

Life: It Goes On   1 comment

Lupine Blue Butterfly on Cranesbill (1 of 1) art blogLupine Blue Butterfly On Cranesbill Wildflower  (August 5, 2016)– Image by kenne

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

— Robert Frost

Capturing The Moment — Lupine Blue Butterflies On Marshall Gulch Trail   Leave a comment

Lupine Blue (1 of 1)-5 blogLupine Blue Butterfly on Sawtooth Candyleaf Bloosoms

Lupine Blue (1 of 1) blogLupine Blue Butterflies — Images by kenne


Capturing The Moment — Lupine Blue Butterflies   2 comments

The Lupine Blue butterfly is an attractive butterfly that is light gray-blue in color with wings closed, displaying a beautiful blue color when open.
Since it’s wings are open only in flight, photographing them can be a real challenge. — Images by kenne captured on Mt. Lemmon


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