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Emerald Bay On Lake Tahoe Panorama   Leave a comment

Lake Tahoe Panorama (1 of 1) blogEmerald Bay on Lake Tahoe Panorama Nikon D800 28mm lens — Image by kenne

Lake Tahoe Panorama (1 of 1)-2 blogEmerald Bay on Lake Tahoe Panorama Nikon D200 18mm lens — Image by kenne

Good panoramas
Capture nature’s beauty by
Knowing where to stand.

— kenne

Bee On A Wildflower — Grunge Art   Leave a comment

Bee on Flawer Grunge Art blogBee On A Wildflower (Fleabane)– Grunge Art by kenne

To see a world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower
hold infinity in the palms of your hand
and eternity in an hour.

— William Blake


As The Spirit Wanes   1 comment

Snow 2013A Change of  Scene, Santa Catalina Mountains (February 21, 2013) — Image by kenne

Four inches

 of snow

on the

mountains tops

 April 26th.

this image

is not it

since the snow


early morning —


would say

“as the



the form appears.”


Yarrow Wildflowers   1 comment

Yarrow Wildflower (1 of 1)-art blogYarrow Wildflowers — Computer Art by kenne

Monitoring The Catalina Wildfire   2 comments

Yesterday’s conditions cause a seven-day brush fire to start-up again, but with winds dying down, clouds moving in and lower temperatures has reduced the number of fires on the front ridge of the Catalina’s. This morning has already brought some rain to the area, without lightning.

— kenne

Bird On A limb   2 comments

Bird on  Limb Art July 2015-8227 blogBird On A Limb — Computer Art by kenne

On an outing to photograph
wildflowers and butterflies
a little bird kept chirping,
as if to get my attention.

Staying on point,
I tried ignoring her —
the conditions for
photographing her

were not good,
but she was persistent.
So, ignoring problems with
lighting and distance

I answered her call
taking two shots.
Later, at home
I downloaded the image

and as expected,
it was not good.
But, something
about the little bird

kept getting my attention,
so I created a way
to share her
in the blogosphere.

— kenne

Smoke and Fire Above the Catalina Foothills   4 comments

Smoke and Fire Above the Catalina Foothills (August 5, 2015) — Images by kenne

This fire, located in the Finger Rock trail area, was started by lightning a couple of days ago and was burning itself out, but the heat, low humidity and winds brought it back up today. This fire is about 12 miles from where we are located in Tanuri Ridge.


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