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Lake Havasu London Bridge Photo Essay   2 comments

Lake Havasu London Bridge Photo Essay — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the tiled images for larger view in a slideshow format.)

 Joy recalls the first time she saw the London Bridge at Lake Havasu City; it was on dry land. This famous bridge, built in the 1830’s, had been carefully dismantled from its original place across the River Thames in 1967 and purchased by Robert P. McCulloch, who began development of Lake Havasu City in 1964. The planned community was not getting much attention, so a business partner suggested buying the London Bridge and shipping it to Arizona.

Construction of the bridge began in 1968 on land between Lake Havasu City and Pittsburgh Point, at that time a peninsula jutting into Lake Havasu. Once bridge project was completed, the Bridgewater Channel was dredged under the bridge and flooded, creating an island separate from the city.

Last week we decided to get away from Tucson’s heat by going to an even hotter location, Lake Havasu City located on the Colorado River about two hours south of Las Vegas. As luck would have it a cool front moved in making for a very pleasant short vacation (Vegas, Zion, and Bryce National Parks. We stayed in the London Bridge Resort while in Lake Havasu City, located next to the bridge along the Bridgewater Channel —  a pleasant stay.

— kenne

Making the Most   Leave a comment

Aspen Loop To Wilderness RocksMaking the Most — Image by kenne

Every day I say;
Make the most of your time here —
Your life is worth it.

— kenne

When is a Tree Not a Tree?   2 comments

Wave Tree (1 of 1) B&W blogVermilion Cliffs National Monument In Northern Arizona — Image by kenne

Take a leaf off a tree. Is it still a tree?
Take a sin­gle twig off a tree. Is it still a tree?
Remove an entire branch from a tree. Is it still a tree?
Take off half of the branches. Is it still a tree?
Cut down the whole tree, leav­ing only the stump. Is it still a tree?
Many peo­ple would say no, it is no longer a tree,
though the roots may still be in the ground.
Well, where did the tree go?
Removing a leaf, it remains a tree,
but not by remov­ing all of the branches and the trunk?

In the real world, there aren’t any things as we com­monly think of them.
A ‘thing’ as we refer to it is only a noun. A noun is merely an idea, a men­tal con­struct.
These ‘things’ exist only in our minds. There is no tree, there is only the idea of a tree.


I Love Hugs   3 comments

Clouds on the Mountains blogClouds Hugging the Santa Catalina Mountains — Image by kenne

Welcome your friends with a smile and a hug!

— Robert Fulghum

Years After The Fire Gallery   Leave a comment

After the Fire CollageYears After The Fire Gallery (Santa Catalina Mountains) — Images by kenne

“If the world was perfect,
it wouldn’t be.”

— Yogi Berra



Hooker’s Evening Primrose Painting   Leave a comment

Hooker's Evening Primrose (1 of 1)-2 art blogHooker’s Evening Primrose — Computer Art by kenne


Yellow flowers
lining the
mountain road

cabins perched 
beneath the pines
gray squirrels
raiding bird feeders
morning sunlight
the deep blue sky
trekking poles
reducing stress
additional contact
as breathing
rate increases

— kenne

Snake Flower   Leave a comment

Buttrtfly TrailSnake Flower– Computer Art by kenne

Deep in the forest

A snake moves around unseen

Barring a flower.

— kenne

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