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Antelope Island   3 comments

Antelope Island On Lake Powell (June 26, 2014) — Image by kenne

The western United States is in a megadrought, and it’s getting worse. Currently, it is the driest it
has been in 1,200 years and is presently playing outlive. This image was taken in June of 2014 on Lake Powell
when the water level had already moved away, making it more a mountain than an island. Today the water levels
of both Lake Powell and Lake Mead are at record lows.
Studies of soil moisture levels in the West that includes
California, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, most of Oregon and Idaho, much of New Mexico, western Colorado,
northern Mexico, and southeast corners of Montana and Texas — using modern measurements and tree rings
for estimates that go back to the year 800. (Source: Arizona Daly Star)

Making Something Out of The Experience   Leave a comment

Sabino Creek, North of the Dam — Image by kenne

I considered a walk in the canyon more spiritual than churchgoing.

Photoshop Art by kenne

“Experience is not what happens to you,

it’s what you do with what happens to you,”

from which you create mental images

that become your life’s private art gallery.


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