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Monsoon Weather Has Moved On   Leave a comment

Monsoon Weather Has Moved On — Santa Catalina Mountains Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Cooling In 106 Degree Temps   6 comments

Birds In Fountain Collage Framed blogOur patio fountain becomes a watering hole and bath for local birds. — Images by kenne


Tropical Storm Andrea Tried To Rain On Out Parade   2 comments

Duck Shoreline blogDuck, North Carolina Shoreline — iPhone image by kenne

Based on the forecast, we expected to be inside all day as tropical storm Andrea passed through, but about 11:00 p.m. the rained stopped and the clouds began to break up. This is one image taken on my iPhone to share now. Most of my images are one my D800.


Capturing The Moment — Snow In Tucson   2 comments

Snow 2013

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Kenne Pool-Snow IIImages by kenne

Knowing that today’s snow was forecasted, with high temperatures on the 30’s, I took before and after self-images with my iPhone. Yesterday I was at the pool when the temperature was 70. What a different a day makes!

We are at an elevation of about 2,700 feet, so most of the higher elevations are getting much more snow. You might ask . . . yes, this snow is very unusual.


Capturing The Moment — Ocotillo Alone The Trail   Leave a comment

Romero PoolsOcotillo Along The Trail — Image by kenne

During the desert dry times, the ocotillo looks like a gray stick, only to leaf-out after rain. Since the higher elevations tend to receive more rain than in the valley, many of the ocotillo on the Romero Pools Trail were becoming green sticks last week (February 15, 2013). Because it was a hazing morning, softening the suns, I choose to take more of a silhouette image of this early sign of spring in the mountains.

This image was taken last Friday — today (February 20th) this area is receiving a few inches of snow with rain here in the Tucson valley. The new leaves will do just fine.



A Dusting Of Snow At The Lower Elevations O the Catalina Mountains This Morning   Leave a comment

Sunsets, Training, On The Montains SnowView from our patio this morning — Image by kenne

We woke up to a little rain on a chilly desert morning with a dusting of snow at the lower elevations of the Catalina mountains — of course, nothing like what the northeast is dealing with this morning.


Capturing The Moment — Much Needed Rain In The Desert   2 comments

Misc 01-27-13

Yesterday we received a much-needed 1.6 inches of rain (patio reading) with even more at the higher elevations.
This image is from our patio, looking south past our neighbor toward the Tanque Verde wash.

Misc 01-27-13

Later in the day the clouds began to breakup, with still a heavy cover over the Catalinas.

Tanke Verde Wash 01-27-13

This morning I walked along the Tanque Verde wash, which now has water flowing toward the Rillito river at Craycroft Road.

Tanke Verde Wash 01-27-13Images by kenne

Before the rains this weekend, I was leading a SCVN hike in Sabino Canyon, which involved crossing the Sabino Creek —
an easy task compared to what some hikers were having to deal with yesterday in Bear Canyon, located just east of Sabino Canyon.


Winter In Sabino Canyon   6 comments

Winter In Sabino Canyon_Panorama1 blogWinter In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Southern Arizona has a hard-freeze coming from the cold north that  will push our temperatures into the low to mid-twenties the next three morning — lots of plant to cover and/or move inside.


New Year’s Eve Snow On The Mountain — Panoramic Views   6 comments

Snow In The Mountains 12-31-12

Snow In The Mountains 12-31-12

Panoramic Views of The Santa Catalina Mountains, December 31, 2012 — Images by kenne

Over night we received .6 inches of rain and Mount Lemmon another 10 inches of snow. The clouds block the mountain peaks above 5,000 feet, but the cooler temperatures brought snow down to the 3,500 foot level — my favorite way to see snow from the desert below. Last night’s rain brought the total rain fall for the year to 11.6 inches, a little below normal.

Tomorrow the Catalina Highway is expected to be open, as will as Ski Valley, which are normally closed on Tuesdays — wish my legs could take to the slopes.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Sunlight At The End Of A Rainy Day   Leave a comment

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The setting sun after a rainy day in Tucson shines beneath the clouds creating a welcome contrast.

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The normally green stick Pala Verde and mesquite trees take on an eerie yellow face to the Catalina foothills. — Images by kenne

Rain, Rain, . . .

I stand under the clouds
Watching the sunset.

Rain, rain, quince my desert’s thirst.

My skin chilled by the rain,
Warmed by the setting sun.

Rain, rain, clean my desert’s soul.

The first rain of winter
Gently kisses the foothills.

Rain, rain, don’t leave just now.

Rain in the desert is not depressing,
Appreciated in its dark and gray.

Rain, rain, a time to sing.

The clouds hide the mountains
High above the valley.

Rain, rain, falling as snow high above.

The clouds begin to break
In the morning sunrise.

Rain, rain, mountain peaks so white.

Cuddled by the fireplace,
Drinking my morning coffee.

Rain, Rain, thank you for your gifts.


First Snow On The Mountains 2012Snow-kissed Mountain Peaks The Morning After Two Days of Rainy Weather 

Tucson Is Cold, Houston Even Worse! Cities Connected In More Ways Than One.   Leave a comment

Image Source: Houston Chronicle

Lorenzo Alonso realizes his jumper cables are too short to reach from his car to Cicreo Mata’s truck. Alonso’s battery died from sitting for over four hours in traffic backups on I-45 near Quitman Street.

Houston, you shared our pain, now we return the favor.


Ice closed the Robinson Road / Woodlands Parkway bridge that spans I-45 this morning in Oak Ridge North.

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