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a selfie here a selfie there — here there and everywhere   1 comment

 Many Selfies Were Being Taken at the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village in Sedona
— iPhone images by kenne

a selfie here

a selfie there


there and


— kenne

Driving Through South Park In The Park Mountains Of The Rockies   1 comment

Southpark In The Park Mountains I_blog

South Park In The Park Mountains_ blogDriving Through South Park In The Park Mountains On Our Way To Durango, CO —
iPhone Images by kenne

After spending the night in Cripple Creek, CO, we headed southwest through some of the most beautiful parts of the Rocky Mountains I have yet to experience. The mountain valleys and peaks are so impressive, it was hard to keep our eyes on the road.

I continue to take a lot of photos with the Nikons, occasionally some with the iPhone, which allows me to post more easily during our travels.

Arriving in Durango yesterday afternoon, we spent the afternoon and evening in the historical downtown area. If you are ever in Durango, I recommend highly Ken & Sue’s on Main Avenue.

Today we have about a four-hour drive to Santa Fe, where we will spend the night, then having a longer drive to Pinetop in the White Mountains of AZ. Friday we will head on to Tucson, ending our almost two-week vacation.

You can follow me on Facebook and see more images of our trip through part of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, with more coming when we get back to Tucson, so you have been warned.


Tropical Storm Andrea Tried To Rain On Out Parade   2 comments

Duck Shoreline blogDuck, North Carolina Shoreline — iPhone image by kenne

Based on the forecast, we expected to be inside all day as tropical storm Andrea passed through, but about 11:00 p.m. the rained stopped and the clouds began to break up. This is one image taken on my iPhone to share now. Most of my images are one my D800.


Walking With A Friend   Leave a comment

Tom on the Beach Art I framed II blogWalking with a Friend — Image by kenne

This past spring my friend Tom and I had planned on going to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to spend a few days fishing. About a week before the trip, Tom had his sixth and last chemo treatment. He had gone through the previous treatments with few side-effects, but this one really made walking very difficult. We still made the trip knowing fishing was not likely. We still has a very good time.

One of the things we did was gone for walks along the beach. Previous posting have chronicled our trip, but I had forgotten that I had also taken some photos and video with my iPhone, which I share here.

Tom is in remission and is current fishing with his son in Wales.


Art Is Pop And Pop Is Art   1 comment

k & j

Cheers  From Mooney’s Irish Pub, Sedona, ArizonaSedona

HWY 179, Sedona, Arizona — iPhone Images by kenne

Social media compresses

the moment,

what is captured

in the moment

is now past

and the future,

already having

been on Facebook

and Twitter — 

art becoming pop

and pop becoming art,

the moment is no longer

in the present,

delegated to the past

and the future,

becoming art.


Capturing The Moment — Snow In Tucson   2 comments

Snow 2013

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Kenne Pool-Snow IIImages by kenne

Knowing that today’s snow was forecasted, with high temperatures on the 30’s, I took before and after self-images with my iPhone. Yesterday I was at the pool when the temperature was 70. What a different a day makes!

We are at an elevation of about 2,700 feet, so most of the higher elevations are getting much more snow. You might ask . . . yes, this snow is very unusual.


Katelyn’s Soccer Game Photos   Leave a comment

Up early this morning to attend eight-year old Katelyn’s soccer game in Atascocita, Texas. Here are a few images I captured, but didn’t get her scoring the first game point. Her team continued their winning ways.

During the game, Katelyn’s dad, Kenne David, kept checking the early morning Manchester United/Liverpool score on his iPhone — a real soccer family!

grandpa kenne

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Katelyn is #11 in green.

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. . .blinded by the curtain   Leave a comment

Mac Classic blogAre we Apple lovers blinded by the curtain? We know Steve Jobs is the Wizard behnd the curtain and that “. . .nobody gets to see the Wizard, not nobody no how!”

Whatever you opinion, you will probably find Douglas Rushkoff‘s blog entry, “Apple’s Army of Whiners” an interesting read.  Say what you want to say, most who have owned Apple products would agree, they are good!


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I Love Apple, But. . .   Leave a comment


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