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Tropical Storm Andrea Tried To Rain On Out Parade   2 comments

Duck Shoreline blogDuck, North Carolina Shoreline — iPhone image by kenne

Based on the forecast, we expected to be inside all day as tropical storm Andrea passed through, but about 11:00 p.m. the rained stopped and the clouds began to break up. This is one image taken on my iPhone to share now. Most of my images are one my D800.


Hurricane Irene — 2011   Leave a comment

Outer Banks of North Carolina — Image by kenne

The east coast is preparing for Hurricane Irene, but will many structures be able to withstand the force of this storm? For years many homes have been allowed to be built that have had difficulty withstanding normal weather, yet alone a storm of the like of Irene. WHY!!?? The above photo was taken a few years ago of a structure on the northern outer banks of North Carolina.



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