Tropical Storm Andrea Tried To Rain On Out Parade   2 comments

Duck Shoreline blogDuck, North Carolina Shoreline — iPhone image by kenne

Based on the forecast, we expected to be inside all day as tropical storm Andrea passed through, but about 11:00 p.m. the rained stopped and the clouds began to break up. This is one image taken on my iPhone to share now. Most of my images are one my D800.


2 responses to “Tropical Storm Andrea Tried To Rain On Out Parade

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  1. What a pleasure to meet you in passing this morning after the threat of Andrea. I hope we did not keep you from some great ocean shots! Hoping you and your family have a Blessed time in the OBX! Safe travels back home. Keep up the blogging, your poetry is insiteful to read.


    • I love crossing paths with people that covey a love for life. It was a pleasure meeting you my the shore. My wife (Joy) just got back from another walk along the shore — timing it right between the rain squalls. Thanks for the follow-up and nice comment.


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