Purple Haze — The Poem   4 comments

sunset-7888-2009-09-25-purple-haze-blogImage by kenne

Purple Haze

About the time
I’m feeling high
I start acting funny
But don’t know why

Today becomes the day after today
Or is it the end of time
Only to be floating in
An ocean of deathless life

Feeling gratitude for God’s gift
Awaking the soul
Becoming void as I was
When I was not yet

“Turn from gazing after”
To kiss the sky
Devoid of all
Foreign images

Only to be
Born again
From inside the outside
Looking in

Jimi placed a spell
On his soul
Purple in color
Inspired by a haze

Deluded by doubt
“Am I happy or in misery?”
Answered not in the words
But the color of the font



4 responses to “Purple Haze — The Poem

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  1. I did something like this with my computer and painting. Love it……..


  2. “There was the red sun, on the low level of the shore, in a purple haze, fast deepening into black…” Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, chapter 54
    Hendrix or Dickens’ both knew the Purple Haze. Nice work!


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